They’re only lent to us

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lily and Cagney

Lily and Cagney

In October of 2016 I began my 10th year of raising funds for my kids and telling their stories. In those years I have lost five personal pets, all rescues, including three Boxers, Monty, Allie and Bruno, and two cats, Rojo and Dolce. Today I have a Boxer, Charma, and a longhaired Chihuahua, Pablo, and three cats, Tony, Carol and Carmella.

I don’t have to tell my readers the pain and the loss felt when losing a family pet; each one of mine has a permanent residence in my heart.

Over the years many animals have become my special cases and I just cannot remember most of them, but there are some whose case is so special to me, they’ve taken a place in my heart alongside my personal group. Not only have the animals touched my heart; most of the people who’ve adopted them are now dear friends.

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I’ve come to the point where it seems like each month I hear the word that another one of my old special cases has left us. The last one was my dear friend Gizmo, adopted by Sue and Richard Wallahora. I did get to visit my old friend shortly before he was humanely put to sleep. I wept then, I wept when I heard the news and I’m weeping now. What a good boy he was, and true to his word, he was never any trouble at all.

Many years ago I told the story of Cagney, who’d been shot in the foot. I was furious at the thought of it all, but Cagney remained sweet and forgiving.

Cagney was treated and adopted by Dr. Donna Raines and has been with her through her marriage to my good friend, Big El, and the birth of their daughter, Lily. Donna and El have other animals but I’ve been told that Lily and Cagney are inseparable. I’ve been told that Cagney, who is now 10 years old, has cancer and it’s not looking good. When Donna told me I wept again, I know the Good Lord only lends them to us, I only pray this old heart doesn’t run out of room.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. As of this writing I’ve received $275 for the homeless vets in honor of Geoffrey Whitsitt, the fallen soldier. I love you all, keep it up. If you’d like to donate to the cause, here is my address:

Lennie Rizzo, “Lennie’s Kids”

245 Ioka Hills Rd.

Columbus, N.C. 28722