Polk County property transfers

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, January 26, 2017

The following report details property transfers made from Jan. 1-15, 2017, as recorded in the Polk County Registrar of Deeds office.

January 3

Grantor: Calton Family L.P.; Grantee: Thomas C. Calton, Evelynne Calton; Description: Green Creek, 9.39ac; Amount: None listed.

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Grantor: Susan C. Pruss; Grantee: Nicholas Lee Grados, Lynn Ann Grados; Description: Coopers Gap, 2.603ac; Amount: $176,500.

Grantor: Ridgeline Development Corporation; Grantee: Nicholas Lee Grados, Lynn Ann Grados; Description: Cooper Gap, 2.025ac; Amount: $15,000.

Grantor: Wendy Auman, David Funderbirk, Wayne Auman; Grantee: Don F. Mintz, Linda H. Mintz; Description: Saulda, 5.31ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: James Joseph Lewis; Grantee: Cathren Elizabeth Lloyd; Description: Columbus; Amount: $116,000.

Grantor: Shirley A. Orr/TR, Shirley A. Orr Living Trust Dated 7/5/2000; Grantee: Tammy Orr, Tamela O. Albrecht/NKA, Russell A. Albrecht; Description: 2.00ac; Amount: None listed.

January 4

Grantor: Charles H. Revis; Grantee: Casey H. Staton, Molly A. Waldbilling; Description: White Oak, 7.50ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Bonnie Searcy; Grantee: Mitchell Daniel Searcy, Jr.; Description: Cooper Gap, 14.35ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Michael Paul Geagley; Grantee: Jeffrey Geagley; Description: None listed; Amount: None listed

January 5

Grantor: Darrell C. McCraw, Jennifer B. McCraw; Grantee: PolkTerra, LLC; Description: White Oak, 11.02ac; Amount: $159,000.

January 6

Grantor: Robert M. Quarles, Lynn Quarles; Grantee: Fred A. Johnson, Janice A. Johnson; Description: White Oak, 2.03ac; Amount: $32,000.

Grantor: Richard T. Callaway, Fran S. Callaway; Grantee: Richard T. Callaway/TR, Fran S. Callaway/TR, The Fran and Richard Callaway Living Trust, Dated October 22, 2015; Description: Tryon; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Jon L. Austin, Kerry T. Austin; Grantee: Werner G. Burky, Julia M. Burky; Description: Tryon; Amount: $95,000.

Grantor: Ralph P. Douglas, Waunda F. Douglas; Grantee: Justin L. Cates, Taylor N. Cates; Description: Columbus, 0.65ac; Amount: $221,500

Grantor: Diane Joy Ruby; Grantee: Kimberly A. Kupferer; Description: Green Creek, 1.05ac; Amount: $6,000.

January 9

Grantor: Tina Maxine Varnadore, Terry Varnadore; Grantee: Tina Maxine Varnadore, Terry Varnadore; Description: Saluda, 1.03ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Ronald J. Sidor, Carolyn F. Sidor; Grantee: K4K, LLC; Description: None listed; Amount: None listed.

January 10

Grantor: Lana Jean Ford; Grantee: Donald R. Smith, Mary F. Rawl; Description: Saluda; Amount: $179,000.

Grantor: Mark Anthony Bosket; Grantee: Denise Gedoric Bosket; Description: Columbus; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Dora Hunter Harrison; Grantee: Charles Culbreth, Sallyanne McCue; Description: Tryon, 0.33ac; Amount: $98,500.

Grantor: Shelly Self, Shelly S. Woodward; Grantee: Suzanne M. Lewis; Description: Tryon, 2.55ac; Amount: $290,000.

January 11

Grantor: David R. Stansel, Susan Ponder-Stansel; Grantee: Claudia Davis Adamson, Jamie Adamson; Description: White Oak, 2.22ac; Amount: $157,000.

Grantor: Carroll E. Griffin, Joan C. Griffin; Grantee: Robert M. Tobey; Description: Tryon; Amount: $7,500.

January 12

Grantor: First Citizens Bank & Trust Company; Grantee: Bright’s Creek Financial Services, LLC; Description: Cooper Gap, 0.76ac; Amount: $45,000.

Grantor: CBM Properties, LLC; Grantee: Bright’s Creek Financial Services, LLC; Description: Cooper Gap; Amount: $30,000.

Grantor: Bright’s Creek Financial Services, LLC; Grantee: Blue Mountain Lots, LLC; Description: Coopers Gap; Amount: $357,000.

Grantor: Home Realty Co. & Insurance Agency, Inc.; Grantee: John Edward Debord, Thomas Edward Goforth, Assunta D. Goforth; Description: Columbus, 1.05ac; Amount: $36,000.

Grantor: Adam Tyler Johnson; Grantee: Sharon G. Johnson; Grantee: Columbus, 3.00ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: John-Patrick Lightfoot, Ashley Lightfoot; Grantee: Deborah J. Spinnelli; Description: Columbus; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Dawn Keough Schmidt/GRDN Estate of Grace J. Keough; Grantee: James Joseph Lewis, Lindsay Lewis; Description: Columbus, 1.07ac; Amount: $185,000.

Grantor: Mark L. Feinberg/TR, Neil A. Beinhaker/TR, The Arthur I. Feinberg Revocable Trust, Dated August 5, 1986, As Amended and Restated on September 1, 2015 and Most Recently Amended on October 31, 2016; Grantee: Gregory J. Frederick, Kathy L. Frederick; Description: White Oak; Amount: $360,000.

Grantor: Jackie S. Metheny; Grantee: Randall Earl Stepp, Tina Marie Stepp; Description: 6.16ac; Amount: $220,000.

January 13

Grantor: Lonnie Alan Veldhouse, Virginia Veldhouse, Lonnie Alan Veldhouse/EXR, Estate of Marjorie Ann Daviau; Grantee: Gary Dubay, Misty W. Dubay; Description: White Oak; Amount: $62,000.

Grantor: Wanda Moore Wilson; Grantee: David O. Wilson; Description: Cooper Gap, 3.59ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Crystal Bosket Elliott, Crystal Bosket Bain/FKA, Darrell Elliott; Grantee: Rachael A. Edwards; Description: Green Creek, 1.01ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Columbus Land Co., LLC; Grantee: Foothills Property Management I, LLC; Description: Columbus, 1.85ac; Amount: $285,000.