Raves for Trillium Trio

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some wag observed that the number of people attending your funeral will be determined by whether it rains. The overcast skies must have caused the number of vacant seats at today’s enthusiastic performance by the Trillium Trio as one of the Music in Landrum series of free concerts.

Cellist Brenda Leonard said in her verbal introduction to the music that the Trio was formed initially to perform the Mozart Divertimento we heard today. I believe it, because the work offers all three players similar opportunities to shine. It is rare indeed to hear a viola charge ahead with a vigor and aplomb usually reserved for its more celebrated companions!

I was not asked to write this one up—I am so enthusiastic about it that I have to comment! I don’t know when I have heard so much deliciousness in one piece of music, offering as it does so much sonorous, rollicking, lilting, raucous, blatant and inspired music from each player as they alternated between sensitive support and outright competition for listeners’ attention.

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Am I raving? Shucks, I cannot help it. You should have been there. A wee bit of mist and a few puddles greeted the comfortable washables that most of us wore today.

Garland O. Goodwin, Columbus, N.C.