Polk resident complains of neighbor’s 30 barking dogs

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2017

COLUMBUS -The Polk County Board of Commissioners  may be once again looking into what it can do about noise complaints after a resident told the board he has to withstand his neighbor’s 30 barking dogs.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met Jan. 9 and heard from Chad Fisher, who lives on Houston Road in the Columbus Township of the county. Fisher said he has lived in Polk County 39 years and built his house 10 years ago. He said he had some neighbors move in across from him about two years ago and they started with six or seven dogs.

“The are probably pushing 30 (dogs) now,” Fisher said.

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Fisher detailed that all it takes to get the dogs barking is for him to step outside to get wood from the wood box. He said when one dog starts, they all bark. He said he has to wear earplugs. Fisher said the neighbors say they are rescuing the dogs. His neighbors have about two acres of land.

Fisher said the neighbors have not tried to do anything to control the barking and they have several breeds of dogs.

“It’s got to the point where I’m embarrassed to have company,” Fisher told commissioners. “I do not sleep anymore.”

Fisher also says he’s spoken to the sheriff, the animal control officer, the county manager and the attorney as well as a person with the state who has told Fisher Polk is one of a few counties
in North Carolina that doesn’t have an ordinance to deal with such situations.

“I have two dogs,” Fisher said. “I’ve had dogs my whole life. I’ve hunted my whole life,” Fisher said.

He said both of his dogs came from the humane society.

“They have more dogs at one residence than all residences on Houston Road,” Fisher said.

“They have more dogs than the humane society.”

Fisher urged commissioners to do something. He said he’s not moving.

“I’m not going to let somebody come in and run me off,” Fisher told commissioners.

He asked that commissioners look into something that would give the sheriff’s office something to be able to go out and charge someone. He said he realizes it’s a touchy subject but there has to be something in place for extreme situations like he is experiencing.

Commissioner chair Tommy Melton asked Fisher if he could visit his residence, saying he would like to come and witness it first-hand.

This is not the first time the Polk County Board of Commissioners has heard complaints of noises. Commissioners heard from residents of the Silver Creek Community a few years ago with complaints of noise including gunshots. Other noise issues have been taken to county commissioners about loud music and a dirt bike track. The most recent noise complaint was early in 2016 that also involved dogs barking and roosters, which was occurring in the Saluda Township.

Commissioners at the time decided not to enact a noise ordinance. Polk County does not currently have any ordinances for noise.