Stick to it: Resolve to enjoy the good life

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, December 28, 2016

For many people around the world, January offers people a chance to make a fresh start with a new year.

The resolutions run far and wide including making resolutions to stop making resolutions.

Yet the usual suspects “I vow this year to pay closer attention to my…” usually end with “health, fitness, finances, or relationships.  Nielsen ratings last year revealed this in the top five, and number one is no surprise to most of us.

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Why do we find it so hard to stay fit and healthy? Again we have the usual suspect sort of answers: Sedentary work and lifestyles, over-eating and drinking, under exercising and so on. As a columnist who writes primarily on local food offerings in the community, if you hope to stay fit and healthy, lose weight and even spend less and save more, take a locally sourced plant’s eye view of the world, and align yourself with Step One toward health and fitness success. This is the year to do it!

A terrific read, guide, and overall mentoring book, “Forks Over Knives” is a whole-food plant-based information missive that also helps lay out a plan and recipes for a healthier meal plan in your lifestyle this year. The book results from the film of the same title and claims that most lifestyle related diseases can be controlled and even reversed by greatly limiting meats and dairy through boosting daily intake of plant-based, whole grains, tuber and starchy vegetables and legumes.

Sourcing these items is more accessible than ever in the foothills, both in their raw commodity form and through prepared grab and go snacks and meals. Many local food entrepreneurs are finding easier
access to facilities and marketplaces in the area. It’s easy to find them as you consult downtown storefronts, organizers of farmers markets, Polk County Cooperative Extension, direct farm sales, CSA programs and our office of Agricultural Economic Development. •