Back to my roots

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

ʼTwas the day before Christmas, I was off on a chore, a visit I’ve made many times before.

The town was all quiet as they awaited His birth, while I was concerned with His creatures on Earth.

The sick, the abused, the mistreated and lost, must not be abandoned no matter the cost. 

Lennie is pictured with his Chihuahua, Pablo, and Boxer, Charma.

Lennie is pictured with his Chihuahua, Pablo, and Boxer, Charma.

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The child of hope greets me as I drive in a space, and the plaque tells her story to those entering this place.

I begin my visit with an oft spoken prayer, “Please help me to help all creatures in there.”

I enter the first room, I’m immediately smitten, for who can resist the purrs of a kitten?

They crawl all about me as my face lights with joy and my heart reverts to being a boy.

Off to the cat room where they’re much more aloof, they too can be trusting but you must show them proof.

Some come to me quickly, they sense I’m okay, and soon others join them for pets and the play.

You must give them some time for they’re all pretty smart and you’ll learn that each is a kitten at heart.

Now off to the dog runs where the canines await, they seem to be ready for this special date.

All becomes quiet as I draw near and I swear I hear whispers, “Uncle Lennie is here.”

Each sits at attention as I pass by to greet, I send them my love and hand them a treat.

I’ve learned long ago, I cannot save them all, but I can offer help should one of them fall.

I offer them dignity and a reason to cope. Through my love and my prayers, I offer them hope.

My eyes start to shine, through the tears they are glistening. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for listening.

Each year at this time I make the same plea and reprint my poem “Back to my roots.”

As the year comes to a close, many donate to their favorite charities, as do I. For tax purposes it’s important to date checks before year’s end. My plea never changes, give to those that are important to you and if you find a little left over, please remember my kids.  I promise that with your help, I will make their voices be heard. God bless.