Remembering columnists, friends and Christmases past

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, December 15, 2016

“As we get older, every winter takes its toll.

It was long after the holidays before I opened all the Christmas mail. One of the cards was from my mother’s cousin Lucy. “I am still alive,” it said, in a frail little hand.

And I felt an awful pang. There she was, way down in Miami, where none of us rooted in red clay should finish out our lives…”

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~ Dot Jackson, excerpt from column in Charlotte Observer, 1982

A December twilight amble with River dog along the street finds doves fussing overhead, briskly flapping wings like sails in the ocean wind, settling in on a chill evening high up in evergreen boughs. Memories are like those wings: a sound, a thought, a glimpse brings them floating back.

My family was all avid newspaper, book and periodical readers. Early mornings, my dad, with pipe and hot black coffee from the trusty percolator, rustled through the plump Charlotte Observer and Charlotte News; my mother waited until late morning. The rest of us got our turn after school, which meant the crossword puzzle was already completed or there was a gaping hole where a prize recipe had been.

Columnists like Kays Gary, Dot Jackson, Dave Barry, Paul Harvey, Erma Bombeck, Ann Landers and so many others became life-long friends. No matter what, you hunted their two cents on life every time the papers arrived. Even back then, I liked their writing styles, pretty much down-to-earth, thoughtful, insightful, often humorous, never pretentious. Dot Jackson recently passed away, but her writing will live on.

Winters continue to take their toll. Christmas cards still arrive — fewer and fewer as we get older and those who sent them disappear. I find myself rifling through cards saved from past Christmases, reading over hand-written notes from people who are long gone. That’s a poignant thing, to read those notes, to hold those cards in hand.

Outside, the night blankets the mountains as inside lights glow warm. The doves have quieted down deep in their hidden roost up high in the tree branches. The backyard possum waddles toward the compost heap, hoping for a worthwhile meal. We’re still alive.


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