On shopping locally

Published 10:00 pm Friday, December 9, 2016

One aspect of living in Polk County is that often when a major household item is needed, we end up at one of the big box stores in Spartanburg or Hendersonville.

Thus, several months ago when our dishwasher was on its last legs we did the usual looking at the usual places and had about made a decision. Fortunately, while in Columbus, I happened past Watson’s and decided to see what they could do.

Anna Sain at the desk was polite, cheerful and helpful and before long she had agreed to meet the big box price for the unit we had in mind. She also checked online to see about ordering another brand that we were considering and it turned out she had even more makes and models to offer than those big stores 30 miles away. Eventually we ended up buying an excellent dishwasher right from their large inventory.

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As I noted, the dishwasher incident was about three months ago and normally that would have been the end of our business relationship… except about a week ago our tumble washer began making really bad and scary noises during the spin cycle. Even worse, while talking with an authorized service company I learned the 12-year-old machine was “almost impossible to repair” except at a cost approaching that of a new machine. Bummer….

So this time, after conducting my usual internet search to see what machines might fit my small laundry room, it was back up to Watson’s with some specifications and dimensions. And once again, Anna found just what we needed. Within a few days she had our unusual little front loader in their show room at a very competitive price. Later that same day, Mark Parris, the store manager helped deliver it and get us back in business.

I should mention that Watson’s carries more than just a wide variety of household appliances. Recently they have expanded and have added more furniture items and their business cards also mention flooring. So next time you are tempted to make a trip to the big box stores  as your first stop during a home renovation project, I encourage you to visit Anna or Mark at Watson’s before you make a purchase.

Give them a chance to earn your business … and to keep the money in Polk County.

~ Ted Hiley

Tryon, N.C.