All you need is love

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, December 8, 2016

It’s been a long time since the Beatles recorded that sweet little ditty, “All you need is love.” I once wrote that “love is not enough” but I followed that up by saying that “love still is the most important thing.” 



There are many levels and definitions of love. Mine is: “Love is giving yet always feeling you’re receiving more.” As we approach the season where we celebrate He who is the personification of perfect love, I believe His angels are all about us. I also believe that sometimes He sends His angels in animal form; I know this belief will not offend Him, for He knows my heart.

Quite a few years ago Kong was caught up by Po’Kitties where he was neutered, given all his shots, ear tipped and released to his colony in Columbus. Kong has been a community cat that hung around the courthouse where he has been fed and renamed Norman. 

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Norman is a Morris cat, an orange tiger that has won the heart of all who know him. For a while, Norman was being fed by Eric, from Purrrfect Bark, until he moved away and today he’s cared for by the team from Community Corrections.

Eric and his mom, Laura, from Little Mountain Farm Supply have been supporters of Lennie’s kids for many years and I can personally account for their compassion toward our four legged friends.

A few weeks ago Norman could not be found and was not coming for his food, an unusual event after all these years. Norman was finally found and he was wobbling having trouble standing up. He was scooped up and brought to Dr. Donna Raines at Landrum Vet who had done the initial work on him when he was first caught up.

A few hundred dollars was donated for his care and I, along with Po’Kitties, promised to cover all his expenses. X-rays were taken and it was found he had an old bullet lodged in the right side of his face. I just could not stop the tears from flowing when I learned the abuse this sweet angel had been living with.

On each visit I would open his cage and he would wobble over, put his head in my hand and purr up a storm.

Donna caught me one day and said, “He’s gonna be fine, Lennie, he may not come all the way back but he’s improving daily.”

I gave him a kiss and said, “You’ve touched lots of people big fella, you just stay strong and we’ll all try to return the love.”

Norman is now residing at Community Corrections where Walt and his team will make sure that he will never again be subject to the elements. I have seen photos of Norman with all the men, and believe me, Norman has all the love he needs.

Now I believe that Norman is one of the good Lord’s angels who has been sent to teach us the power of love. What do you think?

Thanks for listening.