A fight for the heart and soul of our country

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some readers of this paper may think that the election of Donald is a triumph, a victory to “make America great again.” But make no mistake − there are many of us who are angry, shocked, sad and anxious about the seismic shift that our country made on Election Day.

Please don’t misunderstand − our sorrow is not about losing an election. Our grief comes from knowing that half of our citizens really did choose the message of fear and exclusion over love. Many of our neighbors in Polk County voted on the side of racism, hate, bullying and intolerance. That is what makes these post election days so bleak.

Many of you voted for Donald despite knowing how insane his campaign was, really believing him to be the best choice to lead our country. Maybe some of you voted for him because of his hate filled rhetoric. The fact remains − our next president is the most divisive, unstable, inexperienced, dangerous man who has ever held the highest office in this country and the world is less safe because of that fact.

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Our sadness at the outcome on November 8 comes from the knowledge that Donald’s campaign promises have real world effects. Words matter. Our world really will be less kind, less safe with Donald and his minions at the helm.

Donald’s election has given permission to his most ardent supporters to act out with hate directed at our fellow Americans. Since the election there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes reported.

His appointment of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, an avowed white supremacist, anti-Semitic wife abuser is a clear signal of what direction this is going. His appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General assures that justice for all will be hard to find. Myron Ebell, Donald’s EPA advisor, is a climate change denier. Michael Flynn, his choice for National Security Advisor embraces tactics for handling terrorists that violate international law.

Donald may have won the Electoral College but he did not win the popular vote. The American majority will not be silenced or sit on the sidelines as Donald implements his policies of hate and fear.

When he tries to undo 50 years of civil rights progress we will fight him. When he tries to overturn judicial and legislative progress for women’s rights and LGBT rights we will not sit idly by. When he tries to build walls, threatens to deport millions of immigrants and create national registries for our fellow citizens, we will not be silenced.

This is not a game about which political party reigns. It is a fight for the heart and soul of our country and we are not going to accept going backwards.

Mary Mowery

Saluda, N.C.