A third choice

Published 10:00 pm Monday, October 24, 2016

To the editor:

I write my final letter about this presidential election with some trepidation. I actually feel some fear because of the violence that is being promoted by Mr. Trump. Also, the hate that I see in the eyes of some of his supporters concerns me.

I have already voted for Hillary Clinton. My decision was solid and clear in my mind. 

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The specter of Donald Trump still looms large in my mind as well. Somehow we have taken seriously a personality who publicly demeans women, the disabled, and ethnic groups from many categories. He seems focused on division, destruction of public confidence, and damaging our civil society with no regard for the consequences.

As you take your vote seriously, I urge you to consider a third choice. No, I’m not talking about a third party candidate, which I see as a distraction. Instead, I urge you NOT to vote for Donald Trump, even if you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. At least by withholding your vote from Donald Trump, you will not have supported one of the meanest and most dangerous candidates in this country’s history.

After this election, we will have a lot of healing to do.

~ Virgil Stucker, Tryon, N.C.