Revaluation is “just another tax increase”

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, October 20, 2016

To the editor:

Polk County Tax Administrator Melissa Bowlin recently told the commissioners she would like them to consider implementing a four year revaluation system. The commissioners all seem to be in favor of this idea. They then try to sell this idea to the public declaring this would result in more moderate increases than once every eight years. 

Do they think we’re obtuse? We just paid $332,330 for the current revaluation. Does anyone think the cost of another revaluation in four years will be any less expensive?

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I personally think this is simply a Trojan horse used to take more of our hard-earned money every four years rather than waiting for eight years. In other words, this is just another tax increase.  

The commissioners have agreed to borrow $13.5 million for the Law Enforcement Complex and want a 2-cent tax increase next year, followed by another 2 cents the second year, with third 2-cent increase when the jail is complete. 

I would suggest to the commissioners that there be scheduled hearings for the public to comment on this and that we consider a referendum so that all voting citizens of Polk County can express their wishes on this constant increase in taxation.  

~ D.A. Taylor