Polk Appearance Commission invites nominations for Beautification Awards

Published 10:00 pm Friday, October 14, 2016

The Polk County Appearance Commission announces the sixth year of Beautification Awards.

Promoting beauty and pride in Polk County, the Beautification Awards are given annually to recognize projects that include landscaping improvements and/or structural improvements to the street view of properties. In granting the awards, the purpose is to recognize diversity of locations throughout the geographic area of Polk County. Any project in the county, a town or township can be considered. Selection criteria include:

• Street appearance

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• Tasteful landscaping including but not limited to trees, shrubs and flowers

• Well maintained property

• Effort rather than cost

• Creativity and effort combined

• Structural improvements

• Property in compliance with existing codes, taxes, etc.

• Also includes signage, awnings, planters, fountain features and similar elements

Any property owner or renter of a commercial or residential property located in Polk County can nominate their own property or another property if that property is visible by the general public from public roads or sidewalks.

The Appearance Commission will award up to six awards this year, of which, a maximum of three will be for publicly owned properties. The deadline for nominations is November 30. Any nominations submitted after this date will be held for consideration next year. Awards will be presented the end of December. 

Previous years’ awards can be seen in the Tryon Daily Bulletin archives and on the Polk County Appearance Commission website, www.beautifulfoothills.org. 

Each year the winners are announced at a commission meeting, certificates are awarded and an article with pictures of the winners is in the Tryon Daily Bulletin. 

To submit an application, please follow the procedure below. Call 828-817-5743 with questions.

Thank you in advance for your beautification submissions.

1. Download and complete the form on the website www.beautifulfoothills.org

2. Provide pictures of the property, before and after

3. Mail to the following address by November 30, 2016

Appearance Commission Beautification Awards

Polk County Government

P. O. Box 308

Columbus, NC 28782

Contact the Polk County Appearance Commission at P.O. Box 308, Columbus, NC 28722, call 828-894-2324, visit beautifulfoothills.org, or email me at davidfriday@msn.com.