Common sense funding limits for law enforcement

Published 10:00 pm Monday, October 10, 2016

To the editor:

Correction…in response to Charles Weinhagen’s letter…here are the facts.

The population of Saluda, Columbus, Tryon, and Polk County as a whole show a decrease from 2010 to 2015 per Wikipedia.

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150 to 200 cases on any day at the courthouse? That would equate to 3-4,000 cases per month. As published by the Daily Bulletin, here are the true district court numbers…8/29-36, 9/7-121, 9/14-107, 9/28-125, that’s 389 cases over a month, and per the NC Court System website court schedule 10/6-24, 10/12-122, 10/24-12 cases, considerably smaller numbers than you suggest.

The evil hordes are not on us after all.

Speaking of the courthouse, why are the six prime parking spots by the entrance to the courthouse, with the easiest access, reserved for law enforcement and court staff? What about the handicapped and elderly?

I applaud law enforcement and fire departments for the job they do, but they should not have carte blanche, their funding should have common sense limits, and this new law enforcement complex is beyond those limits, in my opinion.

$90,000 per acre for 22 acres is an astronomical price, as is $13 million for the new center. Again, thanks to the law enforcement and fire departments for the work they do. The issue is misappropriation and waste…wasted money, talent, and resources, and the lack of initiatives to improve the quality of life for the good people of Polk county.

The small businesses of this county need help, not more sales tax, which may deter sales and new businesses from opening in Polk county. A small business incubator, a business development officer, a high tech ready office site, tax breaks, grants for building beautification, these might help in bringing new business, and jobs, to our area.

Why not spend on something like that?

~ Chris Friday

Tryon, N.C.