Pitbull temperament wins the day

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reassuring is the feeling that sweeps over Foothills Humane Society staff when months later they hear about a dog that presented a specific challenge prior to its adoption. There are of course many special cases that tug at the heart but successful endings inspire us to continue the battle.

Recently I ran into the man who, with his wife, adopted Spice, an elderly Lab-Pitbull mix, abandoned, and brought to the shelter by Polk County officer Crystal Capps after a farmer had maced the dog in an effort to chase him out of the barn.

The only option for immediate relief was to flush the dog’s eyes with ice water from the refrigerator. In spite of the shocking temperature, the trusting dog never as much as flinched. And to come to the point, the owner reported, “Spice is the best, most perfect dog we have ever welcomed into our home and we love him.”

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Congratulations Spice, you deserve their love.

– article submitted by Sharon Rose