Road safety with bicyclists

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To the editor:

It wasn’t long ago when I submitted a letter to the editor with regard to safety issues related to passing bicyclists.

Unfortunately, there was one individual who seemed to think that following the letter of the law was more important than the life of a bicyclist. I’m happy to see that the State of North Carolina has made it clear that “It will no longer be illegal for a driver to cross over the center line to pass a bicycle rider, as long as there’s an assured clear distance ahead and no oncoming traffic.”

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The state also stated that the safety margin for passing will now be four feet instead of two feet.

Thank you North Carolina for making a common sense law that allows bicyclists to safely enjoy their recreation.

And, to the individual who seemed to make light of the dangers, I want him to know that I didn’t have to ride my bicycle to Raleigh to get the law changed. Nuff said!

~ Bruce Heckelman, Tryon, N.C.