A quick review

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, September 8, 2016

Left: Chisai. Right: Cleo.

Left: Chisai. Right: Cleo.

I once again find myself falling behind, due to personal things, most of it being seeing doctors. This old man gets frustrated because I seem to have more things I have to do than things I want to do. That being said, I do still give as much free time to my precious kids as I can.

We are helping my good friend Chuck Davis fix his foster failure, Chisai. Chisai, her mom Asia, and her brother, were fostered by Chuck and Virginia seven years ago and all the cats were adopted, hence a foster failure.

Chisai has developed a slight limp in her foreleg so I immediately had Chuck bring her to Dr. Raines at Landrum Vet. For now, she is home recouping and it is Chuck’s job to keep her still for a while. Good luck!

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We are still waiting for results for our 10-year-old Clumber Spaniel at Bonnie Brae. I’ve checked and all seems fine thus far. Meanwhile, Lennie’s fund did handle the bills for Kayla Parrish’s Anatolian, a Foothills pup that once was emaciated and in bad shape.  She is now in good hands.

We helped sweet Cleo who had bladder stones for my friends, the Holycrosses. Cleo is the sweetest little Jack Russell and it warms my heart to see Dave (a giant of a man) caress his little girl.

I have others pending but I’m sure you get the idea.

Last week while visiting one of my kids at Landrum Vet I ran into a dear old friend, Jericho. I leave it to those who are frequent readers to know what Jericho looks like. In many ways Jericho could be a brother to my sweet (rest his soul) Soldier. Just like Soldier, Jericho is one of my kids that has left a deep brand on my heart and each time I see him it fills me with joy.

The best part is that the sound of my voice elicits the same joy from this magnificent boy. The reason why I express that it’s the sound of my voice that stirs sweet Jericho is because he is totally blind.

“How’s my Jerry boy?” I exclaimed as I walked over and gave him my customary Uncle Lennie kiss between the eyes.

“He never forgets you,” his mom and dad said, with broad smiles beaming across their faces.

“It’s like I wrote about him many years ago,” I reply. “He sees with his heart.”

Aside from his sight, I know that all of Jericho’s senses far exceed our own and I wonder to myself, can he sense love?

Thanks for listening.