TRIFF 2016 has caught the big one and seeks support

Published 10:00 pm Friday, August 26, 2016

Maniram Poudyal (right), Nirjal Poudyal (middle) on location of “Lama La”

Maniram Poudyal (right), Nirjal Poudyal (middle) on location of “Lama La”

With countdown to the opening of the 2016 Tryon International Film Festival (TRIFF 2016) ticking by, the festival organizers feel as if they have caught the proverbial whale by the tale. The Polk County Film Initiative is looking for sponsors and volunteers, but most importantly they are looking for the community to spread the word of this major event.

As an update, TRIFF 2016 has gained fabulous momentum in content, notoriety and power.  With the film submission deadline on Aug. 31, they have already received films from the following countries and they couldn’t be more delighted: United States, France, Islamic Republic of Iran, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Cyprus, Israel, India, Italy, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

Through the help of their friend, Homayra Sellier, founder of Innocence in Danger, they have established a powerful category of competition: “Human Rights & Human Dignity.” Through Ms. Sellier’s assistance, they have secured the screening of “Brave Miss World” a powerful documentary by the highly acclaimed Cecilia Peck, daughter of Gregory Peck. Ms. Peck is stepping forward to do much more than simply show her film — she is reaching out with a helping hand to the injured victims of rape and domestic violence.

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Through the help of Peck and her “Brave Miss World” team, they are extending a hand to local and regional organizations that provide assistance to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  They are inviting these organizations to partner with our festival and become part of our message of awareness, support and healing.

Ms. Peck’s film will be screened during our festival and followed up with a breakout session to a community of victims, therapists, protections services, directors and other interested individuals.

By adding the human dignity performance category, TRIFF has reached a higher level of film festival performance unmatched by many festivals around the world. They are raising the consciousness of human abuse and paving a way towards peace and healing.

While they have instituted this new category into our festival for years to come, human dignity is only a part of an exciting and well-rounded platform. They are pleased to proclaim that the 2016 programming schedule has already eclipsed the highly successful lineup of last year’s film festival.

“American Epic,” a multi-part documentary produced and narrated by Robert Redford, has been scheduled to be launched during our gala kick-off premier on Friday evening just before the start of the festival competition.

With “American Epic” segments being audience tested in limited film festivals around the world, TRIFF 2016 will be the first public launching of the finished product. Bernard MacMahon and Allison McGourty, the two filmmakers responsible for creating “American Epic” will make the trip to Tryon and be on hand for the entire time as they show all segments to our attendees.

On an equally exciting mention, TRIFF 2016 is hosting two gala events for both Friday, Oct. 7, and Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Tryon Fine Arts Center. Saturday’s gala will be celebrating the world premiere of “Lama La,” directed by the 2015 TRIFF winner, Nischal Poudyal.

After returning to Nepal a winner of our festival, Poudyal was praised and celebrated by his country for the success of his film “Riingata.” Soon after, Avenues Pictures/Ananaya Cinemakers, Poudyal’s Nepali based film production company was funded to produce four more motion pictures, “Lama La” being the latest. They believe that the success Poudyal gained by his performance at last year’s event is nothing short of remarkable.

To find out how you can help TRIFF 2016 through donations, sponsorships and volunteering, visit them on Facebook and at

– article submitted by Kirk Gollwitzer