Urge Christians to reconsider their support of Trump

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To the editor: 

Some of the supporters of Donald Trump frighten me, because he seems to give them permission to be angry and violent. My hope is that some of Trump’s recently scripted words of regret and apology will help to diffuse this angry mob. In fact, perhaps they will begin to walk away from him because he’s no longer behaving like the Tyrant they want him to be.

I also have increased concerns about some of my fellow Christians who are showing unwavering support for him, especially White Evangelical men. Why? Research indicates the reason; they are supporting him only because they believe he will appoint conservative justices to the US Supreme Court, who will potentially more fully embrace Evangelical values.

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Really?!! Are we really willing to give up so much and endanger so many people both in this country and beyond, just because we want to force our values on others? In order to accomplish this, it appears that some are willing to make a deal with the Devil Trump in order to get their way.

Frankly, it’s hard to find one attribute of Trump’s that aligns with Christianity. Can you think of any? Anger? We remember that Jesus became angry with the moneychangers in the temple. I doubt that Trump will do that, because public records indicate his companies are $650 million in debt to those moneychangers. By the way, one of the big ones is the Bank of China … Will his economic war with China begin before or after he has paid his debt to them?

I urge my Evangelical friends to reconsider their support of Trump. The only attributes that Trump has which may be associated with Christianity are his attributes that might qualify him to run for the position of Antichrist.

Trump is evil. We need to reject him and begin to help this country restore the Christian attributes of compassion and care. We are not the mean-spirited country that this man hopes that we can become. His words and actions have damaged us. After he loses the election, we will have much healing to do.

~ Virgil Stucker, Tryon, N.C.