A happy ending for Kramer

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Kramer, an American Pit Bull Terrier with muscular



stature typical of the breed, the dancing spirit of a circus dog, and the heart of a clown, has finally found his perfect fit. Languishing at Foothills Humane Society for well over a year, the staff often heard from those with impatient minds: “Why keep him? You have so many Pits.”

Adopted once by a person failing to understanding that he would need to be crated because he had never lived in a home and was starved, he tore up their house when he panicked over the smell of food.

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Having great respect for his intelligence, staff put him in the AKC Canine Good Citizens training class where he excelled and received certification. And finally Kylie Callahan of Saluda adopted him when she fell in love with his funny ears. What line were you in Kramer when you got those ears?

Today, he is acclimating to her active lifestyle and sharing the responsibility of greeter for her friend Heath Potter at the Green River Brew Depot in Saluda along with their Pit Bull Terriers. We fully expect to see him kayaking some day on the lower Green River with Heath. Congratulations Kramer and have a great life!

– article submitted by Sharon Rose