On knowing God

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I love the outdoors.  I know, it’s apparent from my previous writings, but I can’t help it.  It holds such a fascination for me.  The flora and fauna, their infinite variety and nature’s many moods allure me.  Nature speaks to me of God. Of course I don’t base my belief about God solely on what I see in nature.  I could get some wrong ideas and my thinking about God could be warped.  And so I turn to the Bible which is a much more reliable source of such information.

Between the covers of this sacred Book I learn about God.  It is a trustworthy source. In it He reveals His mind and heart to me. Within its pages I discern something of His will and ways. It doesn’t tell me all I want to know, however it does tell me all I need to know, all I can apprehend.  After all, God is so much more than my finite mind can fathom.  My very best source of information about God comes to me from Jesus Christ.

If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. He perfectly reveals Him.  And the thing I like most is that He reveals God in a way that I can comprehend. He shows me God’s love and the kind of person God wants me to be.  And best of all, He enables me to experience God’s love and be in the process of becoming that person I have the God given potential to be.

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It amazes me that God is so disposed to us that He doesn’t want us to be left in the dark about Himself and His aspirations for us. He has deposited knowledge of Himself in nature. He has given us the printed page in which we can discern Him, know His mind and heart and will and ways. And best of all, He has given Himself to us in Jesus Christ.  Jesus not only shows us God as God, but He enables us to know God personally, and helps us as we strive to become all that God aspires for us to be.