“Sizzlin’ Dogs Fund” set up for donations

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Air conditioning needed for kennels at Foothills Humane Society

“Sizzling hot!” Now those are words that grab anyone’s attention, especially when used to forecast weather for weeks on end. But what does it mean for dogs, specifically those in the care of Foothills Humane Society?

A singularly descriptive word that comes to mind is suffering. The dogs in kennels at FHS are suffering in humid, hot air that fails to move without a puff of breeze strong enough to push it much less cool it. When a dog is that hot, its playful spirit is suppressed.

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The antiquated building was never designed either with an air conditioning system to cool the air, or a commercial fan system powerful enough to move out the stale air and bring in fresh. Larger breeds seem to be more challenged to reduce their body temperatures than smaller breeds, and the majority of dogs in the shelter are large. Although non-commercial fans are in place in multiple areas of the building, their effect is minimal at best.

So what does this have to do with the reader you ask?

An air conditioning contractor has provided a proposal to install a system that will adequately cool the kennel in summer and provide additional heat in winter.

An anonymous donor has offered to fund two thirds of that cost and a “Sizzlin’ Dogs Fund” has been set up for donations from the public. Grant monies will be sought and we invite readers to contribute to cover the balance needed.

Although no immediate relief is at hand, you can trust me on our guarantee that hundreds of animals will benefit not just the year of installation but for many years to come. We will broadcast to all who will listen that a compassionate spirit of generosity in Polk County has contributed to the miracle of relief.

For more information call 828-863-4444.

– article submitted by Sharon Rose