Baksh brings pain management services to St. Luke’s

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Javid Baksh, DO, a physician who has practiced in

Dr. Javid Baksh, DO

Dr. Javid Baksh, DO

western North Carolina for several years, now offers pain management services at St. Luke’s Hospital in Columbus.

Dr. Baksh is currently treating patients from a temporary office space on the hospital’s 400 hallway while construction on the St. Luke’s Pain Center continues in Physicians Park.

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“My goal is to improve patients’ functionality and quality of life while decreasing pain medication use,” Dr. Baksh said, citing both concerns of substance abuse and medical costs. “We do that by looking at thorough evaluations, establishing goals, and talking about lifestyle changes… It’s all geared towards improving quality of life for patients and, in some instances, giving their life back by reducing pain intensity.”

His passion, Dr. Baksh said, is treating the most complex pain cases in a comprehensive, integrative, and holistic approach, offering alternative medicine therapies and the most innovative, minimally-invasive procedures.

Born in Monroe, N.Y., Dr. Baksh attended Bloomfield College on a baseball scholarship and, after graduating summa cum laude, went to medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. In 2008, he completed a traditional rotating internship with Sisters of Charity in Buffalo, N.Y. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at SUNY Buffalo and a pain management fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. As a key opinion leader with St. Jude’s Medical and Flowonix Medical, Baksh has published with and been a distinguished presenter at the North American Neuromodulation Society since 2013. He has practiced in the Asheville and Hendersonville area since 2012.

Dr. Baksh, who has a background in osteopathic medicine, relocated to the community after connecting with Dr. Brian Rosenberg of Rosenberg Bone and Joint.

“I love the area and the people in the community,” Dr. Baksh said. “Our goals at the Pain Center will be to offer cutting-edge medicine and care while treating members of the community in their own back yard.”

He also plans to institute drug abuse and addiction programs for people in the area of all ages.

“Being at St. Luke’s Hospital will be a great boon not just to Polk County but the neighboring counties in western North Carolina that did not have access to adequate care. Having physical therapy here is a huge plus,” Dr. Baksh said. “We can offer early identification for which patients are a good fit for rehab, and even geriatric-psychiatry and other hospital services. And, in turn, they can better serve the needs of their patients by making referrals to the Pain Center. Hopefully, that partnership will help us curtail drug addiction and abuse early on.”

Dr. Baksh also believes that part of his duties in pain management is eliminating misunderstandings and myths about pain. One of the greatest misconceptions, according to Dr. Baksh, is that “exercise should be avoided at all costs” when experiencing back pain.

While he admits to patients that it is an understandable and logical reaction to fear exercises, stretching, or any activity that will aggravate existing pain, avoiding physical activity for more than a day or two “can actually damage the healing process.”

Most patients who experience pain, Dr. Baksh said, tend to rely solely on “medical modalities,” such as medication, therapy, and surgical procedures, as opposed to taking ownership of their recovery. This tendency “minimizes the significance of exercise for healing, stability, and long-term pain relief,” he said.

However, since each patient and pain is different, Dr. Baksh said that the St. Luke’s Hospital Pain Center will “first help consult with patients before they begin any exercise or fitness program” and “incorporate a team approach” that includes other physicians and therapists and, of course, the patient.

One way Dr. Baksh keeps patients engaged in their own healing process is a pain management contract. Each patient must agree to a contract of 40 terms, which includes being subject to random pill counts and random drug screenings and having a dedicated pharmacy for any medications. The purpose, in addition to creating “shared accountability,” is to create a structure that guides patients once they have left the office and to ensure all patients remain invested in the process.

“We see anybody who walks through the door,” Dr. Baksh said. “And I give almost everyone my cell phone number so they can get care anytime. We really want the best for our patients.”

In his free time, Dr. Baksh enjoys cycling, hiking, and community service, especially with Meals on Wheels. Other volunteer efforts have included offering service at local soup kitchens in Asheville and Greenville.

The St. Luke’s Pain Center is set to open Summer 2016, next door to Senior Life Solutions in Physicians Park. Dr. Baksh’s hours will be full-time, Monday-Friday. Patients must receive a physician’s referral.

For more information, call  828-894-0972 or visit

– article submitted by Cody Owens