Polk sheriff’s officers attend McHenry heroin workshop

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, July 21, 2016

Officers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office recently attended a workshop on combatting the recent heroin epidemic hosted by N.C. Congressman Patrick McHenry.

Capt. Lowell Griffin with the Polk sheriff’s office said he and three deputies from the PACE team attended the workshop in Gastonia.

“It was informative and mainly attended by narcotics investigators and supervisors throughout the district that McHenry serves,” Griffin said. “While the problems presented were new to us it was interesting to network and learn how different agencies, including the DEA are combatting the opioid abuse in their areas. It was also an opportunity to hear plans for the DEA to work a little closer with the local authorities moving forward on the issue.”

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The workshop was attended by 20 10th district law enforcement agencies, including Polk County. It was led by the DEA to focus on strategies to help combat the heroin epidemic that has struck communities in western North Carolina and across the nation, including Polk County.

“The heroin and opioid epidemic has destroyed lives, families, and it threatens our western North Carolina communities,” said Congressman McHenry. “This epidemic must be confronted from every angle: awareness of the dangers posed by opioids, preventing access to them, and rehabilitating those suffering from addiction. Ultimately our law enforcement agencies are the first line of defense in the fight against this epidemic,” McHenry said. “The workshop provided these agencies with the information and resources they need to lead this important fight. I thank them for attending and for the hard work they do each and every day to keep us safe.”

McHenry announced during the workshop his office has launched a comprehensive addiction resources page on his website, found at McHenry.House.Gov. The webpage includes information on treatment, helplines and a list of drug collection units in the 10th district.

The workshop was held at the Gaston County Administration Building in downtown Gastonia.