Foreman adopted from FHS into foster home

Published 6:46 pm Thursday, July 21, 2016

For those of you following the plight of a true Boxer at Foothills Humane Society, fighting for months to regain his vision and heal wounds, be joyful to learn Foreman’s angel has arrived.

Driving over two hours to meet him and known to rescue Boxers, this angel confirmed with happy animation and facial expression that it was love at first sight. And as staff was swept up by her enthusiasm, to prove that on that day and at that very moment it was meant to be, Lennie Rizzo, who many readers know from articles in this paper, just happened to stop by to visit “his kids” and offer continued support of staff.

Lennie and his wife Elaine are well known as Boxer lovers and animal advocates, so his timing was perfect to witness this human and dog begin their bond and lives together. Although it’s true that many dogs come and go too quickly for staff to get attached, there are many like Foreman that require extra effort and public support while waiting for the perfect owner to offer a safe environment and opportunity to be part of an affectionate family.

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Clearly this Boxer lover, who never flinched when learning of Foreman’s permanently impaired vision, recent cancer diagnosis or need for multiple medications the remainder of his life, is committed to giving him tender love with hospice foster care. FHS has many animals in hospice homes and although just this month two of them were lost to us forever, the sadness is softened by knowing that at that animal’s last moment, its eyes were on that human they learned to trust, and who, to the very end, generously showed them tenderness and whispers of love.

So to each of our hospice fosters and to those like Gena Kelly, a loyal volunteer who without fail faithfully put Foreman through the paces during obedience classes each week at FHS, or staff member Adam Hignite, who spent extra time each week tenderly teaching Foreman tricks while supporting his lessons to improve dog manners, and to readers who offered their support and prayer for this beautiful and forgiving dog, we say thank you.

Your encouragement makes our days less stressful and softens the heartache we suffer when society fails to meet pet ownership responsibility. We cannot do this without each one of you. Bravo!

– article submitted

by Sharon Rose