Will we ever learn?

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016

Left: Archie. Right: Howard

Left: Archie. Right: Howard

On page 16 of my book “A Voice in the Hills” there is a poem called “Endless Cats.” It was written at the same time my dear friends Dana and Emmy began the Po’Kitty program. Since the program began in October 2007, approximately 5,000 cats have been sterilized, vaccinated and ear tipped.

A few years ago I had the Bulletin reprint “Endless Cats” to try to once again educate our community. Differences have been made but only with help from the community will the problem ever be solved.

On a recent visit to Foothills Humane Society, our Polk County shelter, I noticed the kitten room was packed. These are animals that made it to the shelter; just imagine the countless others who may be confused and suffering.

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Howard was brought to my attention a few weeks ago. This handsome boy was struck by a car and the damage to one leg was so severe it had to be removed. I paid for the operation through Lennie’s Fund and the leg was successfully removed. Howard is now home and I received a wonderful thank you card from his family with the promise he’ll be an indoor cat from now on.

Paris was one of three cats rescued from the Po’Kitty program. The rescuer found homes for two of them but was being super particular with Paris.

The thought was maybe to keep him themselves if they could work it out. Their home is in the middle of 14 acres and someone who was illegally on their property shot Paris. Paris is now at Cloverfield Vet recovering and I have offered to help the poor boy with whatever is needed.

Archie is a cute 8-month-old black and white kitty that was rescued by Trabert from FHS and his girlfriend Christine, who works at Bonnie Brae. The poor little guy was found with a fractured vertebra and couldn’t walk. His chances at life were slim to none. Christine took him home every night and he spends his days at Bonnie Brae. My dear friends at Bonnie Brae are absorbing the expenses but I have offered assistance should anything major be needed.

Archie is now beginning to walk a little, though a bit wobbly. He’s eating and urinating okay but has begun having trouble defecating, so for now enemas are being used, poor thing. Archie’s temperament and demeanor are wonderful and I pray that this brave little thing has a decent life. It is assumed that Archie was attacked by a larger animal, most likely a dog.

So as I said before, just think how many more are out there that aren’t found and what they may be going through.

I suppose some folks might say that the numbers are acceptable, but not for me, and certainly not for my dear friends who run the Po’Kitties.

I thank God for all those whose efforts have helped save lives and I pray that others will learn and realize the consequences of their indifference.

Thanks for listening.