Crusading conflict or compassionate care? What should we choose?

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2016

To the editor:

As an imperfect Christian, I’m finding a shortage of compassion for our presidential contender who daily ‘Trump’ets” his perfection and desire for conquest over people who would do him no harm. Who am I to judge, but I do believe that Jesus leads us to bless the poor in spirit and bless those who are meek. One cannot imagine Jesus seeing the weak and vulnerable as “losers.” Nor can we imagine that he would seek to bully former prisoners of war or people with disabilities.

Mr. Trump seems to feed on and fan our fears. Are we really ready to move beyond compassion toward crusading conflict? We are one of the few countries in the world, known as the ‘melting pot,’ that has tried to help those who are different find a place in society. As we think of our own histories, who of us has not descended from immigrants? Only the Native Americans.

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Some may support Mr. Trump’s brand of political beliefs because they feel left out. They want someone to work on their behalf; they want someone like them? Is this Mr. Trump, the billionaire who has filled his coffers from the hard work of others and then bullied them and often not paid them?

Do those who support Mr. Trump really think that he will support them after he is elected? If he has not even supported those who have helped to build his real estate empire, why would he support those who are helping him to build his political empire?

I urge us to continue our quest for compassion, not conflict and Crusades.

~  Virgil Stucker

Tryon, N.C.