Spartanburg County votes for county council, other officials in primary Tuesday

Published 10:02 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spartanburg County residents went to polling places Tuesday to cast their votes in a number of primary races ranging from county council and county coroner, to the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to unofficial results, David Britt was high vote getter with 1,873 votes in the District 3 County Council race over Mathis and his 764 votes. Whitney Farr defeated Hall in the County Council District 4. Farr received 1,423 votes while Hall received 1,114 votes.

Rusty Clevenger was the high vote getter with 14,793 votes over Scott Ramsey and his 2,405 votes in a landslide win for Spartanburg County Coroner.

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Other choices in the primary included the state House of Representative races from Districts 31, 37 and 38, state Senate races for Districts 5, 12 and 14, and the U.S. House of Representatives race for District 5.

State House of Representatives

Michael A. Fowler was the high vote getter in the District 31 race against Richard Gosnell. Fowler received 282 votes and Gosnell received 197 votes.

In the District 37 race, Steven Long won with 1,426 votes over Donna Hicks and her 749 votes.

Josiah Magnuson was the high vote getter for District 38 bid against incumbent Doug Brannon. Magnuson received 2,032 votes against Brannon’s 1,492 votes.

 State Senate

Incumbent Tom Corbin was high vote getter with 5,435 votes over John B. White and his 5,114 votes in the State Senate District 5 bid.

In the District 12 election, Lee Bright was the high vote getter with 3,681 votes. His opponents were David McCraw, Lisa C. Scott and Scott Talley. Talley came in second with 2,594 votes, followed by McCraw with 2,241 votes and then Scott with 1,250 votes.

Harvey Peeler was high vote getter against Kenny Price in District 14. Peeler received 5,189 votes to Price’s 1,072 votes.

US House of Representatives  

Mick Mulvaney was high vote getter and received 21,813 votes against Ray Craig and his 6,197 votes for the U.S. House of Representatives District 5 seat.

The Spartanburg County Board of Elections will do an official canvassing of votes later to make the results official. Voter turnout and a breakdown of the results by precinct will be available in the Bulletin later this week.