Political candidate in military uniform should have known better

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To the editor:

The photo on page 20 of the June 10 edition of the TDB caught my attention. According to the caption, the picture shows Maureen Copelof, candidate for the NC House of Representatives, District 113, addressing the Polk County Democratic Women’s Club.

Copelof was in her full Navy uniform and was asked to explain the uniform and her many awards. She should have been asked why she wore the uniform in the first place.

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Department of Defense Directive #1334.01 specifically prohibits the wearing of the uniform by veterans except for military funerals, memorial services, weddings and inaugurals, and for patriotic parades on national or state holidays in which any active or reserve military unit is taking part.

Furthermore, wearing of the uniform in connection with political activities when inference of official sponsorship for the activity may be drawn is prohibited.

Captain Copelof should have known better.

~ Otis Livingston

Columbus, N.C.