Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, Final Standings

Published 10:00 pm Monday, June 13, 2016

After the 14th and final of what were originally planned to be 18 events of the 2015-16 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, ties are working out, leaving the current standings as follows:

Total # Riders: 710

Field Hunters: 290

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Donna Schwind has finished the season as champion with an accumulation of 54 series points. Karen Brockway, Nancy Mason and Sara Riggins are tied for reserve champion with 49 points. Sylvia Brown and Kelly Hart have finished the series with 43 series points for first place honors.

Amanda Aiello moved up into second with 42 points earned. Beth Goldizen finished the series in third with 39 series points. Sanders Wyatt has earned 36 points this series to take fourth place honors. Kailey Beck and Mirri Jene Robertson Haddon and have fifth place with a count of 34 series points.

Sara Borkosky and Jamie Fritsch are tied in sixth place with 32 points. Nicola Deines has earned a seventh place ribbon with 30 series points. Emily Mitchell has taken eighth with 29 series points earned. Baiba Bourbeau is in ninth with 26 points. Bryan Baire and Stephanie O’Neill share tenth place honors with 25 points.

Rod Hawk, Beatrice Lamb and Eileen Taylor are first out of the ribbons with a tally of 24 series points for 11th place honors. Holly Bacola, Caleigh Reichardt and Katharine Stancliff have each earned 23 points for 12th position. Melissa Champion and Anne Pierce have earned 22 series points apiece putting them 13th. Elise Rogers and Lindsay Sloas are tied with 21 points for 14th spot honors.

Chrystal Crispin has earned 19 series points for 15th place honor. Kathy Bethka has earned 18 series points for 16th spot. Debbie Croft has accumulated 17 points to fittingly sit in 17th. Rick Hayden, Donna Jordan and Jenny Taylor have earned 16 series points apiece for 18th honors. Michael and Roberta Axelrod, Ann Fratcher, Erin Gambrell, Baylis Mitchell, Wendy Newbegin, Marin Simpkins, Alan Taylor and Lisa Woodson have 14 points apiece. Haley Johnson, Elyssa LaRock, Karen Merrill, Teresa Snyder and T.J. Vore have each earned 13 series points for 20th place honor.

Tevis Cazedessus, Stephanie Culbertson, Lyn Owen, Angela Reichardt, Diane Roemer, Aileen and Allen Wawrzaszek have each earned 12 series points.

Gene Pisseri and Heidi Trull have earned 11 series points apiece. Alaina Brooks, Catherine Gillet, Lauren Leistner, Paula Moore, Zoe Sarvis, Wendy Schonfeld, Peter Shanahan, Penny Sullivan, and Paige Tillison each have a count of ten points this series.

Dana Cain, Justin Collinet, Marsha Lanier, Ashley Oliver, Jennifer Perkins, Raina Rushing, Tom Trull and Nicole Williams have earned nine points apiece. Eight points have been earned this series by Anna Davis, Stephanie Easler, Joni Fielding, Harlee Fulford, Carla Fullam, Sarah Hendricks, Diane Hicks, Katie Martin, Ted Owen, Ellie Phillips, Chris Riddle and Sherry Wyatt.

Luci Janusvkiewich, Ashley Martin, Reed and Roanne McNutt, Shauna Moore, and Lauren Parris have earned seven points apiece. Six series points each to Chloe Bosshard, Nancy Brigmon, Candice Carr, Joshua Constance, Samuel Crain, Erin Desrosiers, Rebecca Drumgool, Jan Ellis, Caprice Fullam, Desiree Gash, Tim Giles, Elizabeth Gregory, Brittney Husband, Holly Mitchell, Claire Moore, Addison Sama, Janine and Tom Stenson and Jillian Woolridge.

Brooke Bailey, Grethe Haladyna, Justin Hull, Greg Smith, Briana Timmerman, and Faith and Stephanie Wanicka have five points each. Four series points apiece to Irene Backer, Isabella Barker, Becky and Bethany Bennett, Katie and Kim Bradley, Jack Brigmon, Jamie Broyles, Susan Charlton, Spencer Chriss, Marilyn Cullinane, Jill Decker, Lynn Fitch, Lorie Fleenor, De Jonas, Barbara Ketcham, Danielle Lamb, Carol Land, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Sarah Maurer, Anne McIver, Brenda McNenny, Taylor Melletti, Gena Meredith, Carrie Nicholson, Kristina Nordan, Jules Porter, Mary Anne Ridgely, Jan Smith, Vickie Smith, Brandon Spencer, Gail Thompson, and CeeCee Wilmanns.

Sarah Brillhart and Bryton Champion have earned three series points this season.

Two completion points for: Joline Adams, Ted Andrus, Taylor Bartee, Dan Bates, Gina Bennett, Karen Benson, Laura Bierly, Mallory Blackwood, Hannah Bowers, Cindy Boyle, Brooklin Bregon, Carrie Britt, Frances Brown, Stephanie Brown, Noel Burrell, Carolyn and Tom Cadier, K. Amy Cece, Steven Chriss, Lindsay Cox, Jeff Crain, Carrie Craine, Wendy Creel, Anita Crouse, Joanna Cullen, Rachel Darash, Callie Deines, Becky Deyton, Callie Dieres, Gabrielle DiLemme, Kate Dilworth, Sharon Dodd, Elizabeth Dodel, Grace Doncousse, Felicia Duck, Kaitlin Dunegan, Lisa Duscio, Kaitlin Exner-Zimolek, Kyle and Olivia Farmer, Kyleigh Faust, Emelia Fredrick, Gwen Freer, Erin Gambrell (2nd Ride), Jennifer Gardner, Kathy Garrett, Katie Gordon, Mike Grogan, Jennifer Hargett, Beth Harrill, Susan Haslam, Kathy Hodge, Peggy Horton, Kinsey Jamerson, Janada and Lauren Jay, Lilly Johnson,  Victoria Joseph, Alana Kaible, Susan Knickerbocker, Caroline T Knox, Susan Kocher, Lisa Kotallik, Katie Langdale, Kendall LeDuc, Mary Livesay, Patti Lovelace, Sheila MacLachian, Rebekah Maddox, Joe and Kate Manno, Megan McCoy, Rilee McDonald, Dean McKinney, Nelson Minnick, Katherine Mitchell, Connie Moore, Alex and Sindey Mottershead, Laura Murphy, Cheryl and Stagg Newman, Chris Ogden, Holly Orfield, Laura Elizabeth Ormand, Kaitlyn and Shawna Owen, Kate Pagano, Kathryn Page, Erin and Reine Pagliano, Gail Patton, Harold Pfeiffer, Julie Phillips, Stephanie Poole, Kathy Powell, Kelly Rappuchi, Jaime Robertson, Lynn Ronzello, Levi David Roper, Casidie Rose, Deborah Ross, Samantha Roubaud, Terry Russell, Audrey Sailsbury, Emily Saue, Kim Schembra, Anne Schmid, Julia Seibold, Haley Selby, Amy Shanahan, Ginger Shuman, Kim Sigmon, Beau Smart, Laurie Smith, Braden Spacer, Mary Marsten St. John, Kristen and Thomas Stanley, Michelle Sumner, Caroline Terry, Rachel Tessmer, Mary Theus, Laura Thomas, Allison Thompson, Debbie Thrasher, Sabrina Torr, Lisa Trojan, Catherine Vaughan-Keen, Lindsey Weicker, Anita Williamson, Dean Withers, Shane Woodson, Allison Wozniak, Manuela Young, Sara Zappile and Stacey Zeabart.

Trail Riders: 420

Jennifer R Smith has retained her lead and finished the series as grand champion with 65 series points. Kristen Hughes and Jennifer A Smith share reserve champion honors with 50 series points.

Kristen Brown took the first place ribbon having earned 45 series points. Bobby Turner finished in second place with 44 points. Valerie Quinn completed in third with 42 points.

Dawn Harrison and Carrie Wilsey share fourth place ribbons with 37 points earned.

Nancy Hasselbring has earned 36 series points to put her in fifth place for the year.

Nikki Hynes has tallied 34 points for the sixth place ribbon this season.

Lynn Fitch and Donna Searby earned 31 points to put them in seventh place. Missy Bright and Jan Smith are in eighth place with 29 points earned. Darleen Bullock, Susannah Francis, Lisa Kotallik and Janna Ritacco are tied in ninth with an accumulation of 28 series points each. Arlene Lulavage has an accumulation of 27 points earned to earn her a tenth place ribbon.

Ginny Jennings has earned 24 series points for 11th place honors. DeAnna Norton has 22 points earned for 12th place honor. Lauren Wade has accumulated 21 series points for 13th honors. Shea Black and Stephanie Easler have each earned 19 points for the 14th spot.

Amanda Fisher, Lani Hasselbring, Lin Martin, Jayne Warbinton, and Kris Yon are tied with each having earned 18 series points. Diane Balding, Jim Black, Tonette Corn, Marcia Headrick, Bette Sumrell Mann, Deanna Mcilwain and Cynthia Milligan each have earned 17 series points for 16th place honor.

Jeanette Deney, Michelle Drum, Lori James, and Debbi Stanfield have 16 points apiece at this time. Susie Brown and Richard R Neel II each have 15 points for 18th honors. Llyn Josef, Susan Melvin, and Lynn Ronzello have each earned 14 series points. Olivia Farmer, Kelley Featheringill, Kendall LeDuc, Martha Love, Bridget and Dorothea Mercer, Ali Merritt, Connie Moore, Sheila Veatch, and Lisa West have each earned 12 series points for 20th place honors.

Eden Isbell, Lori Kunkel Barbara Oklesen, Rachel Sauve and Melissa VanDoren have 11 points each. Ten points each earned by: Benay Daniel, Kyle Farmer, Garry Gill, Lee Herron, Mackenzie Kothe, Danielle Lamb, Kathy Powell, Sandy Rhodes, Rosy Schlueter, Debra Witt, and Sherry Wyatt.

Tara Boyce, Jackie Burke, Elizabeth Dicey, Annette Eaton, Tom Erickson, Evie Good, and Sandra Larson tied with nine series points apiece. Eight points each earned by Karen Benson, Kelly Cannon, Anna Dalton, Susan Haslam, Daphne Hoffen, Caroline T Knox, Linda Lambert, Hannah McClintock, Mary Jane Rice, Marc Sauve, Vicki and Kayla Stacy, Jerry Webb, Carly White, Carolina Wilson, and Emily Wojcik. Irene Backer, Laura Hendley, Ann and Tony Hubbuch, Kelsey Hudson, Jill Kelly, Christy Ledbetter, Jeff McQueen, Amanda Morfinos, Andrew Mosteller, Noah Odum, Laurie Ridgeway, Leslie Scott, Monica Shaw, Heidi and Tom Trull are tied with seven series points apiece.

Patricia Dumit, Catherine Ford, Carla Fullam, Tracey Hudson, Susan Jackson, Debra Kennerly, Jane Lynch, Angela McGehe, Cressa Megown, Carole Milne, Sally Rock, Doreen Simmons, Carol Stanley, Ivey Sumrell, Connie Washburn, David Wilson, Glenda Wolf and D’Lee Worden have each earned six series points this series.

Cindy Clifton, Kat Dooley, Lisa Duscio, Tara Herrero, Susan Justus Hill, Jessica Johnson, Karla Leung, Beth Massengill, Karen Merrill, Samantha Messamer, Rachel O’Brien, Christine and Megan Salyer, Laruen Smith, Teresa Snyder, Mary Ann Watson, Jenna Wilson, Maxine Winesett, and Sanders Wyatt each have an accumulation of five points.

With four series points each are: Kaitlyn Adams, Maggie Arnold, Rebecca Barnes, Gina Bennett, Katie Birchenough, Thann Boyum, Alaina Brooks, Beth Clevenger, Cathleen Coggins, Erika Conklin, Debbie Croft, Greg Cumberford, Janet Cummings, Rachel Derash, Bob and Terri Davenport, Ivette Drumgool, Ally Dunlavey, Cathi Ed, Katheryn Eilders, Heidi Fitch, Suess Fraser, Gwen Freer, Erin Gambrell, Sherry Garnes, Bob and Olivia Giddings, Deana Gilliam, Ashley Goodlett, Emily Grimm, Mary Beth Herbert, Patricia Iacomini, Debbie Knebel, Susan Knickerbocker, Patti Lovelace, Sharon Maxwell, Soline McGee, April Pauley Mink, Kaitlyn Moss, Jessica and Karyn Owen, Georgia Phillips, Arden Pierce, Antje Richter, Alicia Sama, Flo Sommerich, Yasmin Straitiff, Olynda Stretcher, Erin Stroud, Katie Tighe, Rebecca Tolson, Kate Walkonen and Anna Katherine Zimmerman.

Finishing this series with three points each were Ralph Anderson, Emily and Kellie Atkinson, Hannah Carpenter, Nancy Kruger and Kylie Simms.

Two completion points earned apiece by: Courtney Abrams, Ella and Laura Adams, Nicole Aguilar, David and Jeanne Ahrenholz, Karl Alexander, Jessica Allen, Briana Ambrosic, Ted Andrus, Aria Baddorf, Michelle Barshaw, Taylor Bartee, Sara Bassett, Janet Baxter, Laura Bierly, Sydney Blackwell, Mallory Blackwood, Sara Boelt, Alexis Botchie, Corey Bowles, Brian and Robert Bragdon, Nellie Brennecke, Lauren Briggs, Riley Brown, Jackie Burt, Beth Cain-Stiles, Tricia Candileri, Judy Cargill, Candice Carr, Kristi Cattrell, Tevis Cazedessus, , Caroline Coates, Doug and Nicole Cobb, Case Cody, Lissa Coggins, Kelley Collins, Maxine Cook, Caren Crane, Cheyenne and Kathy Davis, Ella Davis, Jadyn Layne Denty, Gabrielle DiLemme, Della and Lilly Driver, Carrisa Duncan, Jane Eden, Joleen and Tom Eizember, DeAnna Ermson, Dolores Erthal, Debra and Laura Ferguson, Susan Fiala, Sophia Fireman, Kay Fleenor, Melanie Flewelling, Maggie Foster, Ann Fratcher, Heather Freeman, Alex and T.J. Frye, Elizabeth Galloway, Erin Gambrell (2nd Ride), Barry and Jacob Garnes, Jacqueline Garrett, Amy Gee, Sierra Gerringer, Caroline Gilliam, Mary Gleason, Lauren Gohs, Catherine Greene, Carolyne Groves, Jennifer Gruhn, Calvin Halford, Martha Hall, Kimberly Hannu, Cindy Hansuh, Saylor Hardin, Lee Ann  Harmon, Codi Hawn, Betty Hill, Melinda Holland, Madison Hosler, Elaine and Michaela Hughes, Vickie Hughes, James Hutchins, Sandra Hyder, Erica Iglesias, Julia Jaeger, Cindy James, Lilly Johnson, Savannah Jones, Rachel Keith, Linda Ketcham, Dana Kind, Whitney King, Judie Klapholz, Terri Kothe, Abby Kwasny, Elyssa LaRock, Linda Latimer, Sarah Lawing, Janet Leatherwood, Janet LeCroy, Amy Lewis, Christian Lopez, Katlyn Lowder, Sara Lyter, Virginia Maclure, Mary Macy, Lara Mallen, Joe and Kate Manno, Hailey Marchbanks, Julie Mathis, Rebecca McCall, Sarah McClintock, Elizabeth McCorvey, Betsy McCray, Devin McHale, Roberta McKinney, Reed and Roanne McNutt, Lanier McRee, Kathryn Meli, Melanie Miller, Amy Mims, Claire Moore, Paula Moore, Wesley Moore, Alicia Morgan, Meaghan Morris, Joe Most, Shelley Nabors, Kathleen Nebel, Christine Nelson, Caitlin Nihart, Anna Oglesby, Lyn Owen, Erin and Reine Pagliano, Jessie and Kent Parent, Gail Patton, Edith Peters, Karen and Richard Peterson, Ditte Phillips, Annie Grace Plott, Eva Pool, Stephanie Poole, Cate Prince, Charlene and Lilly Quinn, Evie and Margie Rackley, Ann Ramsey, Rebekah Randall, Kelly Rappuchi, Beth Ray, Abigail Raymond, Taylor Reed, Amy and Julie Rieth, Russ Rock, Casidie Rose, Tabbitha Ross, Skip Ruckle, Margret Rumsey, Terry Russell, Sabrina Sabalka, Christine Schlett, Mary Schultz-Rathbun, Amber Short, Phillip Simmons, Jill Slinger, Braden Smith, Josie Smith, Maevis Solomon, Jennifer Spratt, Katherine Stancliff, Katherine Stancliff (2nd Ride), Beth Stiles, Michelle Sumner, Debbie Thrasher, Leslie Threlkeld, Wendy and Willow Tomlinson, Sabrina Torr, Lisa Trojan, Holly Wagner, Molly Watson, Grace Wilkins, Hunter Williams, Anita Williamson, Nancy Wilson, Robin Wilson, Catherine Winter,  Patricia Woods, Susan Wykel, Caroline Young, Kelsey Zapp and Stacey Zeabart.

One point apiece has been earned by Jennifer Bannister, Barry Biggers, Tammy Bochinski, Elaine Hobbs and Evie Renee Moore.

We hope you plan to join us as we finalize the current series with our year end awards gathering on the Biltmore’s beautiful West Range where we’ll be able to choose from a smorgasbord of trails, followed by a catered lunch and awards presentation on Sunday, June 26. Come play with us!

Always remember to check the website, WCHPace.org, for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information. Thank you to our photographer, Lou Smith, for being at the events to capture riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Store” on the website to view the pictures.  If you like, you can place an order online.

For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series e-mail Series Coordinator Jan Smith at WCHPace@Windstream.net or call Jan at 828-894-8760.

-Submitted by Janet Smith