It takes a village to care for area animals

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To the editor:

Easily understood, regardless of one’s level of education, is the phrase, “It takes a village.” Typically it refers to a collective effort by a group of people seeking a positive result after combining effort to solve a specific issue.

At Foothills Humane Society, those words have great importance in that for the shelter’s mission to be accomplished it will forever take the entire community to help hundreds of animals needing safety and care. Often, along with those animals so also come the humans associated with them.

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That “village” attitude and the resulting atmosphere of locals drew my family to this area decades ago.

As time passes I have come to realize there are many in our community who never learned how to reach out for help. Some may be afraid to do so with threatening consequences in their world inhibiting action.

We must not judge them but instead help by offering reasonable solutions. With that in mind, we encourage readers who know someone struggling to provide food for their pet cat or dog to contact the shelter at 828-863-4444 to learn about our “Keep Em Home” food assistance program.

Hard times can knock loudly, and we are determined to help those who qualify to keep those pets in their home. Low cost vouchers are available so spay and neutering surgery can be performed to inhibit future unwanted litters. Vaccination clinics also are forth coming in July and October.

Foothills Humane Society is proud to partner with Outreach Ministry and the Meals on Wheels organization by providing cat and dog food for their programs. Due to the generosity of many citizens and local businesses, thousands of pounds of food each year buys time for those in need to become self sufficient once again and hang on to their beloved pet during that battle.

Proud to be the only shelter servicing our community and dedicated to a “no kill” policy, we encourage children and adults alike to support the shelter by stopping in when convenient this summer. Read to a room full of kittens, walk some dogs or simply offer words of encouragement to our staff.

We are dedicated to our mission and love to hear the community is behind us. See you soon.

~ Sharon Rose

Rutherfordton, N.C.