Appreciation for Polk County Animal Control officers

Published 10:00 pm Friday, April 29, 2016

To the editor:

Foothills Humane Society often receives calls requesting intervention by Polk County’s animal control. Occasionally the caller has given in to frustration when circumstances boil to a crisis point. In all reality, how much more can one lone officer be expected to accomplish in the length of any given day while covering such an expansive area such as Michael Herman, commonly known as “Cowboy”, has done for an extensive length of time.

Fortunately three officers now assist or cover for Cowboy when he is off duty. Crystal Capps, Paul Fousek and Caleb Edwards are never too proud to show their tender side when bringing stray, abandoned or cruelly abused animals to the shelter after capture.

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Surely those who fail to properly care for pets must repeatedly disappoint these officers. Discovering a dog permanently chained wherein it must eat, defecate and sleep imprisoned in the space allowed by the length of that chain would haunt the best of us. Yet these officers continue to take the opportunity to educate those needing a clearer understanding of their responsibility as pet owners.

Polk County is most fortunate to have these four committed officers. Team work they provide the shelter staff is pertinent to the mission of FHS. With those thoughts in mind, the staff, board members, and executive director of Foothills Humane Society wish each of them to know that we, without equivocation, are thankful for their dedication and efforts made on behalf of all innocent animals brought to us for care.

We most humbly thank you.

Sharon Rose