Big Pharma, money and our ignorance

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The nature of healing is all about the nature of knowing (Robert Shapiro).

So true, so true. The other night I watched ‘60 Minutes.’ Within that hour, they televised six drug commercials. All six expressed 80 percent of their commercial’s content as a disclaimer of why “not” to use their drug. A similar side effect to nearly all of them was the possibility of death.

Yet they earn billions of dollars on our ignorance. “Ask your doctor” is their final disclaimer. Not only do they pay doctors a commission to peddle their death, they actually use the doctors as an escape goat in their disclaimer statement, “Ask your doctor.”

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Obviously, not all doctors play the drug company’s dollars for death game. However, just one avaricious doctor is too many. What ever happened to “do no harm”? It’s all about the dollar signs, both for the doctors and Big Pharma.

So where to place the blame for these shameful practices and how do you correct it? Do we blame Big Pharma, Congress, lobbyists, or we the people?

All the above is the obvious answer.

So what’s the fix? All the participants in this circle of detrimental behavior deserve the end result, whether it be a money gain or death.

As long as doctors, Big Pharma, Congress and lobbyists place the dollar sign above the people, we will be at risk because of “them.” If we the people continue to view them as gods and not hold anyone accountable, there will never be a fix.

Remember, dear friends, it’s a game. We “know” the fix if only we think before we choose to play the dollars for death game. Play in the game, not be the game.

‘60 Minutes’ should do an expose on themselves, or at least their commercials. Yeah, I know. It’s all about the dollar signs.


Bill Warren
Landrum, S.C.