Is it just me?

Published 10:00 pm Friday, April 15, 2016

To the editor:

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like some unseen intergalactic event sucked all the common sense into a black hole in space. I offer the following for your consideration;
• GOP front runner, Donald Trump – enough said
• Democratic front runner, under FBI investigation
• Democratic runner up, socialist
• Neither of the Dems has gotten a non-government paycheck since Richard Nixon was president. Most of their supporters were not born when they got that non-government check. Yet, they are all ‘fighting’ for the working man.
• Governor of NC has to sign a law so your 13 year old grand daughter does not have to share the rest room and locker room with a 40 year old man who ‘identifies’ as a female. Is a law really necessary? Does any right thinking person think this is a good idea?
• The mayor of Chicago and some major corporations are urging a boycott of NC because of this law. This is the same mayor who did not want Chic-Fil-A to come to Chicago. Everyone knows what a ‘blight’ a Chic-Fil-A can be on any community. Meanwhile, Chicago is the murder capital of the universe, almost 700 so far this year. Anyone want to move their business from Polk county to Chicago? Didn’t think so.
• National debt, fortified by good dose of nausea medication I watched most of the presidential debates. I don’t think I heard any concern over our 19 trillion dollar debt. I did hear many proposals for additional spending. If you have ever had a job and tried to make ends meet, you know where this is headed!
• Student trauma, university students are ‘traumatized’ and hurt by such inane things as Donald Trump’s name written in chalk on the sidewalk and micro aggression by their professors and peers. They need counseling and safe zones. Real trauma is being 19 years old and looking at a string of 50 caliber tracer rounds coming your way. There is someone who needs a safe zone!
These are the great grand children of the ‘Greatest Generation’ and will inherit the multi trillion dollar debt and responsibility for the safety and future of the republic. I don’t think they are being prepared for the job!
But, maybe it’s just me….
Paul Nordan, Columbus

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