Reaching out, a matter of trust

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, April 7, 2016

Over the years I have received tremendous support from local vets giving me discounts for my kids. Occasionally I’ll get a case done for free if needed and the money saved means I can help more animals. Almost all the animals I’ve worked with come from Polk County or nearby vicinities.

Logistics makes it impossible to expand any farther due to the amount of funds needed and the time it would take to reach out to other vets. I just pray that animals in those areas have rescues to support them. I learned long ago that if each person just does what they can, things do get done.

At times I have had major cases that called for a specialist and I have used Upstate Veterinary Specialists out of Greenville. Those who’ve followed my Special Cases may recall my first case bought there: Snowy, the magnificent Dogo Argentino.

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It is how I first met Dr. Keith Allen, the head of surgery at UVS. Keith and I have built a treasured friendship over the years and besides the magical work he’s done for my kids, he has saved me tons of thousands of dollars that I may be able to help more kids if needed.

Last week I received a call from Dr. Rennie Waldron at UVS saying, “Dr. Allen asked me to call and that you may be able to help.”

I learned that there is a 4-year-old female Feist, Jolene, who has nerve damage in her neck that could be remedied but at a cost of $3,000. The young man who owns Jolene loves her dearly but cannot afford the operation.

I told UVS that “I rarely go out of my area (Jolene is from Spartanburg) but you have been there for me on more than one occasion and because you say the young man is worthy, I’ll help.”

I told them they’d have to trust me and send me a bill because I didn’t want to set a precedent using my 501(c)3 funds for animals outside my area. This is something they never do, but I guess for some reason they trusted me.

Jolene has been successfully operated on and is home with Jason, her owner. I received the bill two days ago and this morning I sent a check from my personal account for $2,810.12.

As I have asked UVS to trust me, so I also ask all of you who support me for that same trust. Trust that my instincts for the animals I choose to help and the people I work with are worthy of your funds.

It is not just I, but all of you, along with the wonderful vets and rescues I work with, that make it possible for me to reach out.

Bless you all, thanks for listening.

P.S. Sorry no photo, I never met Jolene.