McHenry donates office furniture to Asheville Rescue Ministry

Published 10:00 pm Friday, April 1, 2016

McHenry donates office furniture

McHenry donates office furniture

Recently, Congressman Patrick McHenry donated six desks from his former Hickory District office to Asheville’s Western Carolina Rescue Ministries.


“Western Carolina Rescue Ministry has been serving the underprivileged in our area for 35 years now,” said Congressman McHenry. “Reverend Woods and his staff do amazing work helping those facing poverty, homelessness, and addiction throughout western North Carolina. I’m hopeful this donation will help advance those efforts.”

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“The furniture donation has been a blessing to the rescue mission, it came at the exact time we needed it,” said Western Carolina Rescue Ministries CEO and executive director Reverend Michael Woods. “We just completed the renovations for our new women’s and children shelter. We needed desks for the office of the overnight women’s supervisor and the security desk. This donation saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you so much. Helping those that are most in need.”


Western Carolina Rescue Ministry opened in March of 1981 to serve men, women, and children facing poverty, homelessness, or addiction. Their mission is to meet people in crisis and care for them with dignity while restoring them to healthy and productive lives.


The General Services Administration allows for items that are no longer needed in an office but are still in good shape, to be transferred out of federal inventory and donated to qualifying non-profit agencies.


-Submitted by Jeff Butler