One-liners on race for White House

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2016

To the editor:

Donald Trump: Slime.

Ted Cruz: Nazi-like fascism.

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Marco Rubio: “True believer” – close-minded, resistant to intelligent advice.

John Kasich: Sounds too much like a moderate Democrat to win hard right GOP.

Ben Carson: Forget it.

Jeb Bush: Possible GOP convention draft? Shouldn’t be blamed for his brother, George did not run the country, Cheney and Rumsfeld did.

Bernie Sanders: Exposes vital issues but Americans will not elect a socialist.

Hillary Clinton: Smartest, steadiest, most experienced, internationally respected, champion of the middle class, disenfranchised, poor and disabled; practical, doable approach rather that wishful thinking; will surround herself with brain power to govern, including sage advice from her husband. Besides, wouldn’t it be fun to have a first man in the White House? Can Bill make cookies?

Prediction: Hillary Clinton will be America’s next president and will encourage the world toward peace and health and prosperity for all.


Maryneal Jones
Columbus, N.C.