Masquerade benefit ball set for April Fool’s Day

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The beautiful artwork for the masquerade ball poster was contributed by artist Pam Larson.

The beautiful artwork for the masquerade ball poster was contributed by artist Pam Larson.

In the tradition of carnival, the Polk County Film Initiative has set the stage for an evening of excitement, glitz, glamour and over-the-top celebration. The Masquerade Ball, Carnival of Cinematic Souls, is the first of two annual events scheduled to benefit the 2016 Tryon International Film Festival.

The event will be held on Friday, April 1, from 7 to 10 p.m. at Sunnydale, 328 Trade Street, Tryon N.C. 28782. The theme of the masquerade ball will follow a carnival atmosphere. People are urged to attend the formal event dressed as outrageously as possible.

Specialty wine and beer along with a full selection of thematic food will be stationed throughout the venue which promises to surprise to the senses. A silent auction will feature items from the local art community, retail establishments and regional attractions. Dancing will be a mainstay of the evening with the room in full motion.

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Beau Menetre, PCFI’s Director of Operations has set a limit of tickets available at 220.

“Because of the size of the venue, we are asking people to buy their tickets early and come dressed with the intent of blowing people’s minds. It will be a night of celebration complete with masks, wild costumes, food and dance as we move from the dark winter season to spring,” said Menetre.

Lavin Cuddihee, TRIFF’s Festival Director, provided the event tagline Carnival of Cinematic Souls.

“Of course this will be a huge gathering of people from around the region who have a passion for cinema. But even more, the event will be a time for Tryon to experience a heightened sense of community unity. I also see the masquerade theme as an occasion for people to lose their daily identity and become someone else for the evening,” said Cuddihee.

Twice a year PCFI plans to hold major benefits to help offset the cost of TRIFF.  According to Menetre, “TRIFF16 is expected to be at least twice the size as last year’s. We have already extended the length of the festival to almost three days of operations, beginning with a gala event on a Friday.”

The masquerade ball begins at 7 p.m. and runs until 10 p.m. Local bars, restaurants and retail shops are expected to see an impact both before and after the event.

“This is an opportunity for our entire town to join in with the excitement of film.  It will be a magical and memorable evening,” said Cuddihee.

The Tryon International Film Festival is a one of a kind event which draws the film industry from the around the world to the small town of Tryon. Independent films are already being programmed for competition and highly acclaimed feature films are also being scheduled.

“All we need is a boost from our community to help make this a fantastic event a major success,” said Menetre. Tickets and price information can be found online at Tickets can also be purchased at La Bouteille and The Nest Artisan Market. If you would like to be a volunteer for TRIFF16 or would like to enter one of your items into the silent auction, contact Beau Menetre at 404-379-5762.


-Submitted by Kirk Gollwitzer