Holy Cross Gallery features the Walter and Betty Knopp Collection

Published 10:00 pm Monday, February 22, 2016

"Church in Brittany," by Homer Ellertson, 1914, oil on canvas from his time in Paris.

“Church in Brittany,” by Homer Ellertson, 1914, oil on canvas from his time in Paris.

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross is pleased to feature the Walter and Betty Knopp Collection in its art gallery. The collection includes four pieces by Lawrence Mazzanovich (1871-1959), two by Homer Ellertson (1892-1935) and one by Elisabeth Paxton Oliver (1891-1977). In addition to the paintings in the Knopp collection one Mazzanovich and two Olivers from the Holy Cross collection are also on display. Mazzanovich, Ellertson and Oliver are all well-known, successful artists who lived in Tryon.


Walter and Betty Knopp moved to Columbus, N.C. in February 1984 after raising their four daughters in New Jersey. The family spent their summer vacations in Tryon visiting Betty’s parents. Betty Knopp is the daughter of Paul and Dorothy Smith who lived on Glengarnock Road in Tryon.

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The Smiths were close friends with the Mazzanovichs who lived up the street. Paul and Dorothy actually introduced Lawrence Mazzanovich to Muriel Harrington who later became his wife. Betty took piano lessons from Muriel as well.


The Mazzanovich paintings in this exhibit were passed down to Betty from her parents. One of the paintings has a personal note on the back signed “Mazzy & Muriel.” As far as the family knows, the note was to Paul and Dorothy Smith and this painting was a present to them from the artist.


The Holy Cross gallery is located at 150 Melrose Avenue and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and during services.


-Submitted by Gregory Wright