Uncle Lennie’s kids

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, February 11, 2016



When I first began telling stories and raising monies for the sick and injured animals, it was solely for the FHS. I noticed that too many viable animals didn’t survive because funds just weren’t there for them. Whatever funds were there, one major case could wipe them out. It is well chronicled how hard I fought to save these animals and with your help and the grace of God, we’ve come a long way.

Today my main goal is to keep as many animals out of FHS as I can. I’m constantly working with local vets and many other wonderful rescues to achieve that goal. In spite of my new objective, my old objective remains the same and I still maintain a fund at FHS for sick and injured animals that I can help.

About a month ago, Brodie was found by the Polk County High School on NC 108.  Brodie is a black and white Terrier mix, around 10 months old and 20 pounds in weight.  Brodie is so sweet and lovable and cute, it’s hard to believe he was running loose anywhere.

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Brodie has passed all temperament tests with flying colors, has been neutered and micro-chipped, thus an easy sell to any small animal lover. It was learned at Cloverfield Vet hospital that Brodie has a severe broken patella on his left knee. It is fairly common in smaller dogs and in Brodie’s case a specialist is needed.

I set it up for Brodie to see Dr. Keith Allen at Upstate Veterinary Specialists and thus Brodie is now one of Uncle Lennie’s “Special Cases.”

A few years back I met Susan Beer and her daughter at an animal fair. Susan’s daughter was dressed as an English sheepdog and their sheepdog was dressed as Uncle Lennie.

Susan and her family are great admirers of my work and are now thrilled to be in possession of one of my special cases. This little fella is in the best of hands and I have faith he’ll live out a healthy and happy life.

Brodie is so full of life! He has a tendency to leave everyone who comes in contact with him with a smile on their face.

Come down to the shelter and meet some of our other animals. I may not be in personal contact with them all but they still are all Uncle Lennie’s kids. Each has the capacity to become another Brodie (full of life). They’re only missing one thing to make that happen: all they need is love.

Thanks for listening.