Vote based on merit, not party

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2016

To the editor:

Have you ever been in a parking lot and had to stop the car suddenly as someone blindly walks across in front of you, not looking in either direction, and trusting to God they’ll survive untouched?

It reminds me of voting a straight ticket at the polls, either because we are ideologically programmed that way or are voting for the headliner of that party and feel the rest of the slate makes sense.

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Maybe it does make sense to vote party lines in national elections to increase the probability that an administration and congress will work together and actually accomplish something.

Here in Polk County, isn’t it more important we vote for the person we feel will do the job best as opposed to voting straight party ticket? About one-third of registered Polk County voters are unaffiliated. People select this designation because they feel they want to retain their independence and vote for whomever they choose, based on merit and not party.

But, in fact, any registered voter, irrespective of party, can vote his/her conscience.…and we should. The Primary election to be held on March 15 is important because it gives “we, the people” our first chance to select those running for office we believe will represent us best in the general election.

Unaffiliated/independent registered voters can vote for Republican or Democrat candidates by going to your polling location and asking for that party’s ballot. These voters can have significant influence on the outcome of local elections, it’s critical if you are so registered, please vote! Registered Republicans and Democrats can only vote for their party candidates.

This year’s election is vital at both the national and local level to speak our minds as to whether we are satisfied with the direction we have been on, or we feel it’s time for  a change. No matter what our registered preference, please vote!

Dennis Hill
Green Creek, N.C.