Flowers of steel forged in Tryon, bound for Belgium

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, January 14, 2016


On Thursday morning, four blacksmiths gathered at the forge at Tryon Arts and Crafts to fashion 14 steel poppy flowers for a WWI memorial project in the works in Ypres, Belgium. At the invitation of the British Artist Blacksmith Association, blacksmiths from around the world are submitting at total of 2,000, 6 ¼ inch by 6 ¼ inch, identically hand-forged poppies for this memorial. Pictured are Walt Myers, who has been blacksmithing as a hobby since 1980; Hank Heintzberger, a farrier with 43 years experience; and Jack Turner, who recently took up the hobby five years ago. (Photo by Claire Sachse)