Appearance Commission’s 2016 resolutions: We need your input, ideas and thoughts

Published 10:00 pm Friday, January 8, 2016

With 2016 off and running , the Polk County Appearance Commission would like to remind our county friends and neighbors that we continue to look for feedback on our goals for our clean, beautiful and inviting initiative.

PCAC is an all volunteer group appointed by the Polk County Commissioners. We feel it is important for anyone interested to give us ideas for achieving these goals, whether it’s an idea for implementing litter pickup, a beautification project, or any inviting perspective you may have.

In past articles, we have listed a few of our ideas for improvements in each of these areas and would appreciate any feedback on whether you feel these are legitimate ideas, or if you feel you might have a better way to achieve these goals. Working together can only help expedite our goals that would be beneficial for all.

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Below is a listing of areas we would appreciate any ideas or concerns you may have.

  • What roadways do you feel need the most attention for litter pickup?
  • What entryways into the county do you feel would most benefit from a beautification of new landscaping or wayfinding signage?
  • What appearance concerns to do you feel should be looked at immediately?
  • What areas do you feel should be considered for conservation in Polk County?
  • What issues do you consider most important to improve the appearance of our county?
  • What public policies do you think are most helpful for our goals for a Clean, Beautiful, and Inviting environment?
  • What types of public art do you feel would be the most beneficial and appreciated in our county?

Please take a moment to give us any feedback you may have for helping us achieve these goals. We would appreciate any opportunity to work with any interested parties.

Contact the Polk County Appearance Commission at P.O. Box 308, Columbus, NC 28722, call 828-894-2324, visit, or email me at

– Submitted by David Friday