New North Carolina laws in effect for Jan. 2016

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, December 31, 2015



By Leah Justice

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New laws in North Carolina will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016 as approved by the N.C. General Assembly in the 2013-2014 and 2015-206 sessions.


HB 240 – Insurance Technical/Clarifying Changes: Exempting health insurance companies from outdated risk exposure requirements; to remove a photo identification requirement for new domestic companies; to help mortgage guaranty companies adjust their capital and surplus requirements and more.

HB 649 – Small Group Health Insurance Technical Changes: An act to make technical changes to the small employer group health coverage reform act to mitigate the effects of the federal affordable care act on North Carolina’s small businesses and to increase stop loss insurance options for small employers.

HB 589 – VIVA/Election Reform: An act to restore confidence in government by establishing the voter information verification act to promote the electoral process through education and increased registration of voters and by requiring voters to provide photo identification before voting and more.

SB 20 – IRC Update/Motor Fuel Tax Changes: An act to update the reference to the Internal Revenue Code, to decouple from certain provisions of the federal tax increase prevention act of 2014, to modify the motor fuels tax rate and to make certain reductions within the department of transportation for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

HB 405 – Property Protection Act: An act to protect property owners from damages resulting from individuals acting in excess of the scope of permissible access and conduct granted to them.

HB 465 – Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015: An act to enact the Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015.

HB 836 – Election Modifications: An act to provide regulatory relief for local governments by authorizing cities to reserve certain easements when permanently closing streets and alleys; to repeal the requirement for licensing of going out of business sales by local governments and more.

SB 621 – Registration Renewal Notice/E-Mail: An act to authorize the division of motor vehicles to send motor vehicle registration renewal notification by electronic means upon receiving written consent from the owner of the motor vehicle.

SB 578 – Transition Certain Abuse Investigations/DCDEE: an act to transition abuse and neglect investigations in child care facilities to the division of child development and early education within the department of health and human services.

HB 276 – Agency Participation Procedures Act of 2015: An act to enact the agency participation procedures act of 2015.

HB 562 – Amend Firearm Laws: An act to amend various firearm laws.

HB 607 – Allow Protected Consumer Security Freezes: An act to authorize the placement of a protected consumer security freeze on a protected consumer’s credit report.

HB 814 – The William C. Lindley Jr. SUDEP Law: An act requiring the chief medical examiner to establish a medical examiner training program that includes training regarding sudden unexpected death in epilepsy during medicolegal death investigations.

SB 448 – Equalize Tax on Propane Used as a Motor Fuel: An act to equalize the taxation of liquefied propane gas when used as a motor fuel.

SB 15 – Unemployment Insurance Law Changes: An act to make changes to the unemployment insurance laws, as recommended by the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance and to confirm appointments to the board of review.

HB 97- 2015 Appropriations Act: An act to make base budget appropriations for current operations of state departments, institutions and agencies and for other purposes.

HB 117 – NC Competes Act: An act to enact the North Carolina Competes Act.

HB 730 – Next Generation 911: To require PSAPs to implement next generation 911; to authorize the 911 board to establish purchasing agreements for statewide procurement; to allow the PSAP grant account to be used for expenses used to enhance 911 service and more.

HB 259 – General Government Technical Corrections: An act making technical, conforming and other modifications to the current operations and capital improvements appropriations act of 2015.

SB 279 – Amend Qualifications/Practice of Counseling: An act amending the professional counselors act to modify educational qualifications for the practice of counseling and to require local boards of education to address sex trafficking prevention and awareness.

HB 361 – Principle-Based Reserving/Revise Insurance Laws: An act to provide for principle-based valuation in the life insurance standard valuation law and standard nonforfeiture provisions in the North Carolina Insurance Law; to make conforming and clarifying changes to the laws governing professional employer organizations, insurance company deposits and more.

HB 765 – Regulatory Reform Act of 2015: An act to provide further regulatory relief to the citizens of North Carolina by providing for various administrative reforms, by eliminating certain unnecessary or outdated statutes and regulations and modernizing or simplifying cumbersome or outdated regulations, and by making various other statutory changes.

HB 318 – Protect North Carolina Workers Act: An at to require E-Verify compliance in certain governmental contracts, to provide that certain consulate or embassy documents may not be used to determine a person’s identification or residence for governmental and law enforcement purposes, to prohibit adoption of sanctuary city ordinances and to prohibit the department of health and human services from seeking certain waivers.

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