New North Carolina laws in effect as of Dec. 1, 2015

Published 9:13 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New laws in North Carolina took effect on Dec. 1, 2015 as approved by the N.C. General Assembly in the 2013-2014 and 2015-206 sessions.


SB 78 – Off-Duty Correctional Officer/Conceal Carry: An act to provide that a state correctional officer may carry a concealed weapon when off-duty.

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HB 659 – Controlled substances/update precursor list: An act to update the list of immediate precursor chemicals that it is unlawful for a person to possess with intent to manufacture or deliver and to clarify what constitutes certain drug offenses involving methamphetamine.

SB 445 – Burt’s Law: An act to enhance protections for clients or facilities whose primary purpose is to provide services for the care, treatment, habilitation or rehabilitation of individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities or substance abuse disorders by increasing punishments for client abuse, exploitation, or neglect and more.

HB 224 – AOC Omnibus Changes: An act to amend various laws affecting the administrative office of the courts.

HB 113 – Protect Our Students Act: An act to protect North Carolina’s students by increasing the criminal penalty for the commission of certain sex offenses committed against a student by a person who is school personnel and to establish a procedure for institutions of higher education to obtain a list of students and employees at the institution who are registered as sex offenders.

HB 294 – Prohibit Cell Phone/Delinquent Juvenile: An act to make it a criminal offense to provide a cell phone to a delinquent juvenile in custody of the department of public safety.

HB 879 – Juvenile Code Reform: An act to make various changes to the juvenile code in regard to due process protections, reentry of juveniles in the delinquency system and confinement of juveniles.

HB 465 – Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015: An act to enact the women and children’s protection act of 2015.

HB 552 – Graffiti Vandalism: An act to create the criminal offense of graffiti vandalism.

HB 691 – Assault on National Guard Member: An act to make it a felony to assault a member of the North Carolina Guard who is discharging or attempting to discharge official duties.

SB 60 – No-Contact Order/No Expiration: An act to provide that a non-expiring, permanent civil no-contact order may be issued against a sex offender on behalf of the crime victim, to establish the procedure for obtaining such an order, to clarify enhanced penalties for violations of protective orders, and to allow extension of orders entered in street gang nuisance abatement cases after a court hearing.

HB 560 – Assault Emergency Workers/Hospital Personnel: An act that it is a felony to assault hospital personnel and licensed healthcare providers who are providing or attempting to provide services in a hospital.

SB 286 – Regulate the sale of ELiquid Containers: An act prohibiting the sale of E-Liquid containers without child-resistant packaging and without labeling E-Liquid containers that contain nicotine.

HB 273 – Clarify Conditional Discharge Law/No DWI Expunge: An act to clarify that the provisions regarding deferred prosecution and conditional discharge for convictions of H and I felonies and misdemeanors.

HB 39 – Labor/Up Amusement Device Penalties: An act to increase the penalties for the illegal operation of amusement devices and to direct the department of labor to study the regulation of the operation of zip-lines.

HB 341 – Controlled Substances/NBOMe & Other Drugs: An act to add “NBOMe” compounds and other substances to the controlled substances schedules.

SB 22 – Historic Artifact Mgt. and Patriotism Act: An act to ensure respectful treatment of the American flag and the North Carolina flag by state agencies and other political subdivisions of the state; to establish the division of veterans affairs as the clearinghouse for the disposal of worn, tattered and damaged flags; to provide for the protection of monuments and memorials commemorating events, persons and military service in North Carolina history and more.

HB 383 – Clarify Statutory Scheme/Sex Offenses: An act to reorganize, rename and renumber various sexual offenses to make them more easily distinguishable from one another as recommended by the North Carolina Court of Appeals in “State of North Carolina V. Slade Weston Hicks Jr.” and to make other technical changes.

HB 529 – NC Drivers License Restoration Act: An act to repeal the punishment of revoking a person’s drivers license for committing certain driving while license revoked offenses; to make driving while license revoked a nonmoving violation for certain purposes; and to make other conforming changes.

SB 182 – Automatic License Plate Readers: An act to regulate the use of automatic license plate reader systems.

SB 183 – Eliminate CRVs for Misdemeanants: An act to eliminate confinement in response to violation for misdemeanants sentenced under structured sentencing, as recommended by the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission.

SB 233 – Automatic Expunction/Mistaken Identity: An act to provide for the automatic expunction of certain records of a person when the charge or charges against the person are dismissed as a result of identity theft or mistaken identity.

HB 566 – Amend Eyewitness ID/Show-Up: An act to amend the Eyewitness Identification Reform Act to clarify that the provisions of the act apply to law enforcement officers who are eyewitnesses, to clarify that a photo lineup is different from a show-up and to establish a procedure for conducting a show-up.

HB 562 – Amend Firearms Law: An act to amend various firearm laws.

SB 185 – Clarify Credit for Time Served: An act to clarify credit for time served as recommended by the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission.

HB 97 – 2015 Appropriations Act: An act to make base budget appropriations for current operations of state departments, institutions and agencies and for other purposes.

HB 44 – Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015: An act to reform various provisions of the law related to local government.

HB 173 – Omnibus Criminal Law Bill: An act to amend various criminal laws for the purpose of improving trial court efficiency.

HB 792 – Privacy/Protection From Revenge Postings: An act to protect the public from revenge posting online by making it a criminal offense to disclose certain images in which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and to make indecent exposure that occurs on private premises a criminal offense.

SB 513 – North Carolina Farm Act of 2015: An act to provide regulatory relief to the agricultural community of North Carolina by providing for various transportation and environmental reforms and by making various other statutory changes.

SB 119 – GSC Technical Corrections 2015: An act to make technical corrections to the General Statutes and Session Laws, as recommended by the General Statutes Commission and to make additional technical and other amendments to the statutes and session laws.

SB 370 – E-Signatures/Vehicle Title and Registration: An act to allow the use of electronic means to sign and notate certain documents required by the division of motor vehicles and to provide that a secured party shall provide electronic notice of the satisfaction or other discharge of a security interest in a motor vehicle for which the certificate of title is notated by a lien through electronic means.

SB 694 – Reegan’s Rule/Enforce Pharmacy Benefit Management: An act to encourage parent education during well-child visits at specific age intervals regarding Type I diabetes and to amend the law pertaining to pharmacy benefit managers.

HB 924 – Highway Safety/Other Changes: An act to clarify when a law enforcement officer is required to request a blood sample when charging the offense of misdemeanor death by vehicle, clarify the law governing prohibited use of red and blue lights, repeal certain mandatory reporting regarding pseudoephedrine products, clarify the subpoena authority of the director of the SBI and more.

SB 238 – Stalking by GPS/Criminal Offense: An act to provide that a person commits the offense of cyber stalking if the person knowingly installs or places a tracking device without consent and uses the device to track the location of an individual.

HB 712 – Pilot Project/Used Needle Disposal: An act to direct the state bureau of investigation to establish and implement a used needle and hypodermic syringe disposal pilot program.

HB 765 – Regulatory Reform Act of 2015: An act to provide further regulatory relief to the citizens of North Carolina by providing for various administrative reforms, by eliminating certain unnecessary or outdated statutes and regulations and modernizing or simplifying cumbersome or outdated regulations and by making various other statutory changes.