Saluda considers payment by credit/debit cards

Published 8:40 pm Friday, December 18, 2015


By Leah Justice

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The City of Saluda is considering contracting with a company to take payments by credit and debit card.


Saluda City Council met Monday, Dec. 14 and discussed a potential company that services government entities and makes its money by charging fees to the customer for the service.

Saluda Mayor Fred Baisden said the city has been talking about accepting credit cards for taxes and has struggled because some companies charge more than others. He said the city has had many people in the last year who have failed to send water bill payments who lived far away and offered to pay with a credit card but the city is not set up for payments other than cash or check.


“Almost weekly we get requests to pay by credit or debit card,” said city manager Jon Cannon.

“Many people do not even own checks. I felt like it was something we should look into.”


Cannon spoke with, which does not charge the city for the service. The charges are passed on to the customer depending on the amount of the bill. Up to $50 is a charge of $1.50; $50.01-$75 is a $1.75 charge; $75.01-$100 is a $3 charge; $100.01-$150 is a $5 charge and $150.01-$200 is a $7 charge. Calling in a payment has slightly higher charges, according to Cannon.


The city would be required through is to sign a five-year contract, which will include no monthly charge or percentage fee to the city. The company will provide the city with a card slider to take payments by credit or debit card in town hall. Customers could also make payments through the company’s website.


Commissioner Leon Morgan asked if anyone at the city has spoken to anyone who has used the service. Cannon said he has not but it is commonly used by thousands of municipalities.


Morgan said if the city is getting tied up in a five-year contract he’d be more comfortable if attorney Bailey Nager checked out the company.


“I think we need to be taking cards in the office but we need to check it out before we jump into  a five-year contract we can’t get out of,” said Morgan. “I’m all for it but don’t want to get into something we may regret.”


Council agreed to check out the company and put the item back on the agenda for the city’s January meeting for a decision.