Polk ETDC reframed; volunteers sought

Published 9:48 pm Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Polk County Economic & Tourism Development Commission (ETDC) is an all-volunteer organization designed to advise the county commissioners and staff on matters pertaining to both economic development and tourism. The county commissioners approved a “Reframed ETDC” structure on Nov. 16. This new structure will significantly expand the opportunities for Polk County residents to participate in shaping the future of tourism, business, and job growth in Polk County. The county is seeking 21 volunteers to be appointed by the county commissioners.

Regular ETDC membership shall not exceed 21 members who will meet as a group on a quarterly basis. Criteria used to select a county-wide representative body of regular ETDC members includes:


Residents of Polk County, North Carolina


No Polk County or municipality taxes in arrears


Representative of one or more of the following areas of expertise: Hospitality provider (Lodging, dining…); Tourism destination (Recreation, sports…); Retail business; Manufacturing, assembly operations; Advanced manufacturing operations/technologies; Education, training provider; Sole proprietor, entrepreneur; Agricultural products sales (wineries, vineyards, vegetables/produce…); Equestrian organization, business, service provider; Marketing, sales, promotion, media; Business association; Healthcare, medical, social services provider; Banking, finance, investment, insurance; Polk County municipality/county government/agency (See also Ex-Officio Membership).



There are also provisions for three standing committees within the ETDC to meet regularly to accomplish ETDC work in smaller focused groups: (1) Tourism Development Authority (five members); (2) Entrepreneur Development/Scale-up (seven members); (3) Business Roundtables (open membership).


The ETDC governing body is a small executive board comprised of four regular ETDC members elected by the ETDC as a whole. The officers include chair, vice chair, sub-committee chair, and recording secretary. The executive board meets on a monthly basis with the Economic Development and Tourism directors.

Download and complete the county’s volunteer board application found at http://www.polknc.org/volunteer_boards.php#.VmcMQ_mrTWJ.

Ex-Officio ETDC members serving as a result of the position they hold will also provide valuable insight to the economic development and tourism plans and activities in Polk County. Once the executive board is in place the ETDC will begin reaching out to the ex-officio members to participate in quarterly and special meetings. The nine ex-officio members include the following: Director of Polk County Economic Development; Director of Polk County Travel & Tourism; Director of Polk County Agricultural Economic Development;        Polk County Board of Commissioners Representative; Polk County Planner or representative; Polk County Manager (or Administrative Representative);        Polk County SCORE Chapter representative; Polk County Schools Administrative Representative; Isothermal Community College Academic Vice President or Governance Representative.

For additional information or a copy of the complete ETDC Resolution approved on Nov. 16, 2015, contact: Robert Williamson, Polk County Economic Development, 20 East Mills Street (Walker & Mills Streets), PO Box 308, Columbus, NC 28722, or email rwilliamson@polknc.org, or call 828-894-2895.
– Submitted by Robert Williamson