A ‘new low’ for commissioners

Published 9:04 pm Thursday, December 10, 2015

To the editor:


I am not usually inclined to editorialize (especially in my hometown paper). However, I feel compelled to address Wednesday’s front-page article concerning Polk County commissioners. Let me say that with the exception of Ray Gasperson, these elected officials have never failed to represent everything but the interests of the citizens who elected them. Their latest political posturing has reached a new low in conservative ‘grand standing.’

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First of all, their resolution should be seen for what it is: a meaningless gesture of bigotry and holier-than-thou knee-jerk publicity. It is illegal to “bar” any individual or group from settling in North Carolina (although, with the welcome extended by our government officials, I can’t imagine why they would want to live here). If these people were U.S. citizens already, the commission would be liable to prosecution for civil rights violations. For this article to appear as we are approaching Christmas only emphasizes the decidedly un-Christian-like behavior of people like Donald Trump and said commissioners. As well as Governor McCrory, who, if we are fortunate, will only have one term to embarrass and alienate most of his constituents.


The county commission has been known to call their meetings to order with prayer. Seriously? Are these the actions of true Christian believers or mouthpieces for the right wing ‘agenda’ as it sadly stands approaching 2016 elections? The picture and article above it on Page 1 extolls the virtues of the Kiwanis Club and their “Adopt a Highway” program. All good. But have we really reached the point where beautifying stretches of asphalt are a higher priority than elimination of human suffering?

Robert Maxwell
Tryon, N.C.