Lake Lure Classical reinstates all clubs

Published 1:50 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All clubs are reinstated at Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) after being temporarily suspended earlier this month in the wake of a LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) club beginning.

The Lake Lure School Board called a special meeting on Monday, Nov. 30 that was standing room only at Lake Lure Town Hall.

The board voted 7-2 to reinstate all non-curriculum based student clubs as well as institute a new policy on clubs, including that some clubs will need parental permission.

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During the board’s November meeting, the school board heard both support for the school and the LGBT club as well as comments against the club, including from some local churches.

The LLCA school board allowed comments during Monday’s special meeting as well, but after the board voted to reinstate the clubs.

LLCA parent Frances Brown following Monday’s meeting said she is very excited for all LLCA students regarding the board’s decision.

“We felt very confident that the board would make the right decision and they clearly have,” said Brown.

Following is the LLCA’s statement issued regarding its clubs:

“From the beginning, LLCA has enjoyed the benefits of curriculum­ based clubs as well as non-­curricular clubs. Indeed, we consider clubs to be beneficial to our students. Being involved in a club is often a student’s first opportunity to step into positions of leadership, to strengthen a particular skill set, or to increase their knowledge in a personal interest. A school club is one part of the larger school community. An individual club does not represent the entire community nor does it require everyone’s participation. A school club can provide a safe place for our students to learn how to navigate the waters of future civic involvement. Our mission is to create lifelong learners, thoughtful and articulate young adults, and good citizens. These are character traits that can be strengthened and enriched by participation in school clubs. We have adopted policies governing the formation and operation of clubs and we expect that all clubs will be treated fairly under these policies, although these guidelines reflect that not all clubs are appropriate for all grade levels. To the students who are currently in the newly­ formed gay­ straight alliance, or any student who may wish to participate in the future, we respect you as individuals and support you as members of our school family. We support your club just as we do the chess club, Raptors for Christ and all other clubs that exist or may form under our policy guidelines. Our school is a place of inclusion, not exclusion. To the families of elementary and middle school students who are concerned about the age at which your children will be exposed to mature concepts of gender identity and sexuality, we respect your concerns and, consistent with our approach to our curriculum, are committed to operating the school in a manner that appropriately segregates the activities of the different grade levels. Our board aims to be deliberative and to always act in the best interest of the school as a whole, and rarely is that a task that improved with speed. To all of our LLCA families and extended community, we are grateful for your patience and confidence as we’ve worked to develop an appropriate framework for clubs to operate in the school.”

The new policy on the school’s clubs can be viewed on the school’s website under news items at