Judith and Myers: Help me to help them

Published 11:22 pm Thursday, November 5, 2015


By Leonard Rizzo

Before I begin today’s tale, I want to give a special thanks to Linda Odel. She could not afford to have her sweet Wally/Molly cared for and I was more than willing to assist her sweet cat get better. The fee for Molly was significant, but by doing odd jobs, Linda paid back every penny to Lennie’s fund that I may help other animals. Bless you Linda; you restore my faith in people.
My book, A Voice in the Hills, is available on Amazon and many other areas. I’ve had wonderful feedback from those who’ve read it. Please write the Bulletin and tell them about it. All proceeds go into my 501c3 fund and it would make a wonderful Christmas gift to an animal lover.

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Judith and her brother Myers were brought as an owner turn-in to Foothills Humane Society on Aug 17. Due to my work with other animals and personal problems, I wasn’t aware of her plight till a week ago. Judith is nine years old and Meyers is seven and by best estimate are Aussie Shepherd mixes. They had been chained up and were brought in because the owner was moving. Judith has a misshapen jaw and an old broken toe that sort of sticks up. She eats fine and her attitude toward people and other dogs is exemplary.  The shelter was told that Judith’s misshapen jaw (which is a bit unsightly) was due to an old dogfight.


The two dogs are inseparable and it’s obvious that they love each other but that’s a problem for another time. Full disclosure, everyone feels there is a high possibility that they are mother and son.
Judith was sent to Cloverfield for evaluation and it was learned she had been shot in the jaw and there are bullets still in her. I’ve held this darling girl in my arms and when I learned of all she’s been through, I literally wept in frustration. I’ve set everything I can in motion at Cloverfield to have the bullets removed and to cosmetically help her facial features. If her surgery calls for a specialist I will also do that for her. I cannot fix the past for Judith and Meyer but as long as I have any say in it, and as God is my witness, they will never experience another cruel moment.


Thanks for listening.